Charm Essentials' Pretty in Pink | 14 Pc Vegan Makeup Brush Set

A dream is a wish your heart makes.... 

That's the song that plays inside my head whenever I open my new Charm Essentials' Pretty in pink 14 piece Vegan Makeup Brush Set! :) I've been dreaming of a brush set like this... all vegan and synthetic that can be taken to a professional level! I am just head over heels... Well, I say that with nearly every single time I get my hands on a Charm brush but this one is really an exception.

Take utterly softno shedding, no bleeding, no animal harmed and applies makeup real well. There's no down side with owning this! Seriously. 

I love the textured roll-on pouch in pink!

And I can hang them or wear them on my arm when I'm doing makeup in the field to keep safe all the time.

A dream come true, indeed!

These brushes are incredibly soft! That's one of the upside with choosing a vegan synthetic brush instead of animal-grade one. I'm always assured the brushes are soft even if I just use a simple brush cleaner like a dishwashing liquid.

Another upside is that I can use any type of makeup. Be it powder, cream, mousse or liquid, synthetic brushes doesn't discriminate. :)

An extra pouch let's me keep a few makeup essentials as well!

A secret pouch let's me keep tissues that I use for brush cleaning. :)

If I plan to give this as gift, the box need no wrapping! It's sooo pretty! And I'm sure my gift will be received with XOXO's from the receivers. :)

The box provides the description and names of the brushes.

Also has the Washing Instructions. :)

Isn't she pretty?

I think my Holiday is set with these brushes... but who knows with an addict like me.. :) But really, looking at these brushes brings in a big grin... I'm in lalalaland and more eager to create more looks with this uber chic pink synthetic brushes...

If I have all the money in the world, I would seriously give all of you girls out there one set of the Pretty in Pink Vegan Brush Set! :)

But since I can't, hopefully someone will. It's only Php2,500!! :)

You can get the Charm Essentials' Pretty In Pink 14 piece Vegan Synthetic Brush Set at the Beauty and Minerals online shop.

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  1. these are so pretty!  packaging pa lang panalo na!

  2.  wow!!! so pretty!!! nakakatempt bilhin!!!

  3. I've been eyeing this. :) So lovely! 

  4. weee another item added to my xmas wishlist <3

  5. what's the length of this brushes? so pretty & pink! <3


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