Sunsilk Hair Experts: Power of 1M Likes and a Makeover

My collection of Sunsilk products. No I'm not addict! 

It was surely a day to remember. Being treated to a makeover, exclusive styling for a headshot photoshoot is something I've dreamed of. Who doesn't like being treated like a celebrity, right?

I sure know how Sunsilk's #1 Fan girl Sarah G feels whenever she gets prepped up for one of her Sunsilk photoshoots. That's why over 50 girls like me gets to experience the same thing when Sunsilk Hair Expert page hit 1,000, 000 likes! The team of Sunsilk thought it a great  idea to do something special for the devoted loyal fans of Sunsilk for making them one of the most celebrated community on Facebook. Who wouldn't want to be anyway when they make the Hair Expert Page so inviting with hair care tips from the world reknowned hair experts like Thomas Taw, Yuko YamashitaDr. Franchesca Fusco and the cute Teddy Charles. And styling tips from style mavens, David Charlton of David Salon, Fashion Designer Mich Dulce and Makeup Artist Lei Hosseinzadeh.

Liker of the Hair Expert Page were also treated to regular contests and promos. Hello trip to Paris, Tokoyo, London and New York! Hello, iPads, iPods and other fantastic gadgets and freebies!

Amazing, right? No wonder that their 1 Million mark only increases as the day goes by... 1, 021,018 likers to be exact!

I was sure glad when they invited us, bloggers and likers of Hair Experts, to a day of makeover and photoshoot with the celebrity and sought ofter photographer Niccolo Cosme! What a treat, indeed! There's Nikki of Askmewhats, Sophie of Beautynomics, Liz of Projectvanity and of course, yours truly!

First stop, hair styling at David's Salon, Makati. I didn't take much photos here so I nabbed the one from Nikki! :) Thanks, sis! Along with 4 bloggers, there were the 50 winners of this Sunsilk Expert Best-Ever Bash Promo. Chicka time at the salon is always a great when bonding with friends. Glad to know that two of my closest friend in cyberworld are there. 

Nikki's time for makeup!

Then there was the makeup time! Everybody looked fabulous with all the makeover and all were giddy excited on how the event will unfold... at the same time we were chilling, chatting and just taking in the moment.

Sophie looked so relaxed getting her makeup done.

Pink was the theme of the day!

Then off to styling. Rain is one of the best stylist I know and he was armed and ready for that day, hauling in tons of pink dresses and shirts for the shoots. There were just a lot there! :)

Oooohhhh!! Nice!
Loving the accessories! I feel like a kid in a candy store while looking through the accessories. Good thing Rain was there... Had I been the one to pick out my outfit, I never would have been able to dcide. Worst, I would have picked out the gaudiest attire and piled on way too much accessories. Lol!

Rain in action! Making sure that Nikki was looking fabulous before the shoot!

Dear Sophie, flawless and fabulous as always! We love her curls!!

Liz and Sophie chilling while waiting for their turn for the shoot!

My two gorgeous friends, Nikki and Sophie. Don't they just look great and ready for some close-up?

Meet our super good-looking photographer, Niccolo Cosme. He's definitely rising star in the world of photography, if he isn't already. And his cause against AIDS only made me admire not only his scraft but him as a person. And he's so nice to newbies like me who hardly know hoe to pose. What a patient, guy! The best!

I never thought that being part of a million people could be this special... I seriously thought that I'm just a dot on a page amidst the number of people who loves the same thing. But this day, I stood out... confidence surging in my blood and making me love life and what I do more!

And with that, I leave you with the fruit of their labor... :)

Thanks so much to Sunsilk Philippines, Carla and Sir Eduardo of Media Contacts, Niccolo Cosme, David's Salon for our hair , Rain for our clothes and accessories and to our makeup artist! (Oh my! I sound like a celebrity! hehehe!)

This is one event that would be treasured. Thanks again for making me feel so special being a part of the 1M likers of Hair Exeperts Page.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Don't get left behind, like Hair Experts Page now on Facebook... And soon you might be one of the lucky ladies to get a makeover by style experts!

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  1. Shen! So pretty!!! All of you are so pretttiee. You guys are the neocelebs.

  2. Valeriecabance10/11/11 8:26 AM

    What a wonderful experience! Sana maka experience din ako nyan. You're so gorgeous sa picture ms shen! Pwd na ilagay ung pic mo sa bottle ng shampoo nila! :)

  3. Beautiful! :) That was such a great experience.

  4. I'm glad to have shared this experience with you sis!!!! :) Super fun no??? Naku especially the food after!!!! ayan na naman tayo! hahahhaa

  5. Jamillacamel10/11/11 3:46 PM

    You all look AMAZING! What a fun experience!

  6. oh, I hope I get to experience something like this!  you're so beautiful on that last photo!  Love it!  Actually all of you are lovely!

  7. Rainierdagala14/11/11 11:25 PM

    Hello SHEN! :D I just came across this now.... Love how it turned out. 

    Stay Pretty! :D



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