Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation | Product Review

Another ingenious foundation is added to the Shu Uemura Face Architect family, the Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation. It boasts of lightweight feel that gives a great base and reduce blemishes for a flawless canvass.

When Patrick of Shu Uemura Philippines tried this on me, I was immediately taken with how weightless it feels against my skin. It felt as if he was just applying a the Shu Uemura UV Base mousse on me. But seeing how my dark acne scars were fading with ever application, I became a lot more impressed.

Of course, I had to take it home with me. So I went and got myself one. Despite the fact I had a few bottles of foundations at home (include there Shu Uemura's Face Architect Liquid Foundation and Nobara Cream Foundation), I still bought this! Talk about being an addict.

I was really in awe with the mousse foundation. It's quite hard to imagine that a mousse as light as this can provide a good acceptable coverage. Apparently, it's a technology that Shu Uemura created that makes the foam stay together to retain it's firm texture giving that even application.

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What's great is that this is really good for oily skin as the Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation dries into a matte finish. It's been described as "Smoothing powders minimize pore visibility and lasting powders absorb sebum to prevent shine." But it also provide the skin with moisture as it contains the popular depsea water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, betaine and aquatoril.

As for it's skin care benefits, it's has GK2, water lily extract and Vitamin E as it is an anti-oxidant which is great for those worried of skin aging.

As I read the benefits of Shu Uemura Sheer Face Architect Refining Mousse Foundation, I find myself liking this foundation more. But it's actually the look and effect this gives me that makes me love this. As with all the Shu Uemura Face Architect foundations I've tried, I wasn't surprise.

Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation

The feel of this foundation may be something new for the time you try it but you'll definitely get use to it. It does feel different compared to other foundations, it being in mousse formulation. It's is kind of wet but dries quickly. The foam doesn't disperse quite easily as well. Meaning, it will stay foamy for a few more seconds than expected and turns into a liquid texture.

Although it's been said that a sponge is good way to apply this with but I prefer to use a dense flat top brush or a foundation. My favorite to use this with is the Ellana Flat Top Brush and Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush. A little pump is enough (twice the size of the swatch of the photos below) for the whole face.

What is great is that it provided really good coverage. Not heavy but quite buildable with application. It's not harsh on the skin and doesn't cause breakouts. No need for a heavier powder to set this with. I would usually turn a simple loose powder or for a bit of coverage for faster application, I use The Body Shop All In One Face Base Compact Powder.

This photo below, you'll see good the coverage of the Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Foundation. My skin hasn't been doing really well for quite awhile due to food allergy and peri-oral contact dermatitis (acne and rash around mouth and chin area) and this photo was taken a day after a brutal facial from a mediocre facial house. I also have a pimple near my right eye. And you know so well how big the pores around nose are.

Bare Face | Skin Care + Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation
What's best with this foundation is that it doesn't clog my pores as much as regular foundation does. Even with how non-comodegenic many of my makeup and skin care are, I feel that my pores are too huge that productscan't help but just settle. With this one, blackheads and whiteheads doesn't seem to take over with every makeup application.

And it's so easy to apply and use that my foundation time was cut into half. And the staying power with my very hyper-oily skin, is about 4 hours before oilies started showing up. What I notice though and it's a good thing, is that the makeup doesn't fade or disappear. A few blots here and there and my face looks better.

Before | After 

I recommend this to those who really want a nice coverage that light on the face, covers light blemishes and is no-fuss. Albeit a bit expensive, at Php2250... You really can't put a price tag if you're happy with the result, right?

Obviously, with all the high praises that you read here then you probably know that this product gets two thumbs up from me! :) I'm quite happy with all the Face Architect foundations from Shu Uemura. But this one topped the chart for me among all the Shu foundations I own. Besides, it's mousse foundation! How original can it get?

Shu Uemura Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation are available at all Shu Uemura counters in Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la and their boutique at the 2nd floor Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

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  1. Parang iba na ang packaging niya no? Or was it like that ever?? :)

    Ang ganda ng coverage sayo and the shade matched you PERFECTLY! bongga!

  2. I will definitely try this... I like the coverage and the mousse texture is intriguing ;)

  3. Wow your skin does look flawless with it! I must say it's a good decision that you purchased it! Beautiful results does come with a price tag! 

  4. Rakhshanda8/11/11 2:10 PM

    very nice coverage, I'll definitely want to buy it. thanks for sharing!!

  5. been hearing lots of raves nga about thisproduct but i've yet to finish MUFE Mat Velvet+. but this is already in my lemming list! hihi. you look fresh and glowing sis!

  6. Issachavez8/11/11 4:51 PM

    very nice coverage!  ang ganda! blooming na blooming ka miss Shen! :)

  7. Great coverage! I will definitely try this after I use up my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. It's an uh-mazing product, but I'm currently in the mood to try a different foundation. 

    Great Post, Miss Shen! :)


  8. Jamillacamel8/11/11 7:28 PM

    Amazing finish and coverage! I am going to give this a miss because I have very dry skin - but I love Shu foundations in general.

  9. Ang gandaaaa!  Hay, pag-iipunan ko talaga to! What lipstick are you wearing? It's so nice din.

  10. you're making me want to buy this too! haven't tried mousse foundation yet

  11. Jannah Lopez8/11/11 10:26 PM

    Grabe, over nice coverage for this foundation. I was absolutely amazed! I always read your post but never did I post a comment. But for this post d ko napigilan. Thank you for keeping us updated for wonderful products in the market! You're such a great beauty blogger!


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