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I entitled this the "The Kind Brushes" becuase it reminded me of Alicia Silverstone's book, The Kind Diet. the book was a vegan one. On Oprah, Alicia explained that the reason why she called it The Kind Diet, was because it's not just being kind to your body but to animals as well.

It is exactly how I see Charm's new Essential Makeup brushes which is made of high quality animal cruelty-free synthetic fibers. It's truly a kind brush line as you are not only caring for your skin with this but also you not hurting or affecting any creatures in the process.

What else is there? These brushes nearly emulate how animal-haired brushes perform. It aims to provide that same blending experience that we got use to with our previous makeup brushes. I, for one, normally would prefer animal haired brushes.. But for the time I have been using these, I fell  for the softness and silky feel of it!

If you're the type to not compromise your face but anything but the best, I'm recommeding these singles vegan type brushes.

Charm Essentials makeup brushes are made from a special, and superior grade of animal-friendly,vegan hair. Our makeup brushes ensure you a luxurious experience while applying makeup with our brushes that feel like silk on the skin. Create an endless array of beautifl looks with your Charm Essentials makeup brushes! We're your ally in beauty, thru and thru!

Powder Brush, Php399
"Apply your powder products, may they be pressed or loose with this luxuriously soft powder brush that distributes product evenly across the face. Works best with loose power and setting powder."
Powder brush is probably the first brush you will ever need. It's either to apply your powder foundatin (pressed or loose), or set your liquid foundation with it. It can also be used to apply blush, even body powder along your neck, decolletage and shoulders. It is one a must-have face brushes to own.

Angled Blush/Contour Brush, Php399
"This brush is created to apply blush products, wet or dry, on the cheeks, as well as contour the cheekbones to give the face its much-needed dimension."
Blush and contour brushes are highly regarded because they provide the dimension our face needs when we use makeup. Most often it comes in form just a bit smaller than a powder brush. Personally, I prefer an angled brush blush because it already doubles as contour brush. Angled blush brushes also fits enough on the apple of our cheeks that it deposits the right amount of shade. While in contouring, the slanted shape of this brush fits perfectly to shade the jawline.

Foundation Brush, Php399
"Apply your primer, and liquid foundation with ease using our Charm Essentials Foundation Brush."
Foundation brushes are important if you're one to use liquid foundation or thinking of acquiring one. The density of this brush provide even strokes for the coverage you want. Using foudnation brush makes application much faster as well. Double this brush as a concealer brush when you have a lot of blemishes and acne to cover.

Classic Blending Brush, Php250

"Charm Essentials Classic Blending Brush is your multi-tasking blending brush - it blends your eyeshadows into a seamless gradient so that you need not sport harsh edges on your eyes! Aside from that, it is also a useful brush to dust loose powder around the eye area, and apply  a wash of eyeshadow on your lids."

Classic Blending Brush is one of my favorite brushes especially for applying color on the crease. Applying eye shadows can be tricky around the eye area. The trick it to blend-blend-blend. With a brush ike this one, blending is easy and it gives that gradation you need to avoid harsh lines.

Use this brush to set your under eye concealer with a lighter shade of foundation or a lighter setting powder to make last longer and give you more the appearance of brighter undereyes.

Use this as well for highlighter (even liquid ones) along the highest planes of your cheeks.

Big Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush, Php250
"Our multitasking Charm Big Eyeshadow Brush picks up, and distributes eyeshadow color efficiently on the lid, and can also work as a concealer brush. Apply eyeshadow wet or dry, you won't be disappointed with our Big Eyeshadow Brush!"
The beginning of an eye makeup look starts with an eyeshadow brush. With a vegan synthetic brush, you'll notice that the color deposit is a lot better as compared to regular animal-hair brushes. Packing on shades is easy with an eyeshadow brush like this. Use for your lid wash, base, lid color and even creating the outer V and applying highlight to your browbone.

Not fond of eye makeup? The Big eyeshadow brush comes in handy for concealing dark under eyes. I personally would not use this for spot concealing but on scars, surgery marks and other bigger blemishes to cover. Remember, use lighter shade in the under eye area but use same skintone or tone darker concealer for blemishes.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Php250

Angled eyeshadow brush isn't usually a preffered choice for makeup enthusiast I know. But this brush proved useful in shaping that V on the outer part of the lid as well as packing colors on the lids.

Yes, should it come to that... you can use this brush for concealing. One of the perks of a brush being synthetic is that you can use it with different makeup products.

Shading Brush, Php250
"This brush is a hardworking multitasker as it can apply color on your  lids, apply powder on your undereyes, define your crease, and even contour your nose"
Shading brushes often gets a question mark on its head. How to use it anyway? Apparently, you can it's lot of different ways! It's best for nose contouring. Just go easy on the product and apply it with light hand.

Defining the crease, is also easy with brush but go easy on application as the density can attract too much product. We don't want our contouring so obviously done.

I love this though for under eye concealing as it does the job faster and it buffs the product well.

Crease Blending Brush, Php275
"Charm Essentials Crease Blending Brush is a must-have blending brush, as it defines and contours your crease, and also blends eyeshadow into a seamless gradient."
Probably the most coveted brush piece in the bunch, Blending brush is the reason why we can create numerous look. Made for applying colors on the crease for definition, you can easily create smokey eyes with a blending blush like this one. the softness of the brush makes blending a lot easier and the color deposit is impressive.

Pencil Point Brush, Php250
"This brush is designed to further accentuate the outer-V of your eyes using more intense color. The precise pencil-like shape of this brush also allows you to smudge your eyeliner and perfect your smoky eyes!"
Pencil point are God-sent for makeup enthusiasts who want to create a different amount of looks. Pencil points are used in applying eyeshadow on the lower lids for doing smokey eyes, it helps smudge eyeliner to tone down it's pigementation and best of all, it helps create a false crease especially for those who do not have one.

Brushes like this, that is soft and dense at the same time, are hard to come by. Notice the precise tip? That's what you're looking for when you want a smudger. What I noticed with other smudger is it not as soft and compact that I often stray to the thickness that I want my eyeliner to be when smudged. This brush is just right.

Small Eyeshadow/Precise Concealer Brush, Php230

You can never have too many eye shadow brushes. That's what I always say. Better yet if they are synthetic since synthetic ones doesn't discriminate in products. As expected, this brush applies eye shadows or concealer. The main function of this brush though for me is spot concealing as I do have blemishes that need to be covered when I use a lighter coverage foundation. It's dense enough and deposit is impressive.

Angled Eyeliner Brush, Php250

Eyeliner and eyebrow brushes are a definite must have if you can't get out of the house with out prepping your brows or lining your eyes. That girl, is me! I love the thinness of this brush as it creates a flawless line with just one application. It's does not scratch and it's easy to clean. I think I need several of this.

I also love using synthetic eyeliner brushes as smudger for the under eyes since they are softer from their animal-hair counterparts.

Spoolie Brush, Php199

Spoolie brush is a bushy brow's BFF. Tame those brows with this brush after defining it with your eyebrow pencil or brow powder.

Precise Lip Brush, Php199
A lip brush comes in handy when applying lipsticks that needs precise application like plums, reds and avant garde looks. Or to just ensure that you're not contaminating your lipsticks. Since this one has a cap, its easy to lug this around in your vanity kit when you need to retouch where ever or whenever.


What I love about the Charm Essential Single Vegan Brushes...

  • Every brush is as amazingly soft as a feather
  • Easy to wash and dries faster comapred to other synthetic brushes
  • Picks up products well
  • Deposits color to the eyes or face well
  • Affordable!
  • Can be purchased individually!
  • Great addition to my already growing brush collection
  • Animal friendly brushes
  • Charmingly cute in its pink handles

What I don't...
  • So far, I see no downside with these brushes. I love all of them!

For personal uses, it's quite easy to get charmed by these brushes and convert. So much more for those who are just beginning to collect their own.

I imagine those with sensitive skin, moms and people going green will appreciate the vegan high quality brushes of Charm Essentials Vegan Makeup Brushes. And the fact that they can buy them individually gives them the freedom to handpick the brushes they only want.

Although I may still reach for my animal-haired brushes, I appreciate the concept of synthetic ones and how incredibly soft they are against the skin. So rest assured that these new babies will gain mileage in a lot of my makeup looks. Truth be told, these are the main brushes that I've been using for the past few weeks since I got them.

And comparing them to other mineral makeup synthetic brushes like Ecotools, I personally think that this is a lot better, cuter and more affordable. :)

If you want to get your own Charm Essential Vegan Makeup Brushes, you can get them via or you can visit them at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent this November 19-20, 2011.

It's time to be kind, not just in words and actions, but also in the brushes we use. :)

And I think, this is one vegan "diet" I can stick to! :)

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  1. The brushes really look so soft! :) I wonder if Sophie will have it in their AAVA bazaars? :) Thanks for a very comprehensive review Shenny!

  2. They're not sold in one set?

  3. saccharine015817/11/11 12:35 AM

    these look like great brushes! thanks for sharing about these brushes shen! :D

  4. wow great review post sis! my fave with Charm's brushes are always the spoolie and lip brushes!


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