Beauty Pro Cosmetics: Crazy Colour Palette (with Swatches)

It was love at first sight... and when it is, you tend to just linger and stare. That's what I did when I finally received the Beauty Pro Cosmetics in Crazy Colour Palette. I am amazed, impressed and was well on seventh high! I am down right head over heels.

Aptly named, Crazy Colour, these carefully and quite meticulously picked bright eye shadows stems from history, passion and skills with makeup artistry. I know because I saw its its inception through out it conception! When Brigitte put together this palette, she made sure that you can create an array of makeup looks worthy of a John Galliano or an Alexander McQueen fashion show. In short, loud and proud colors!

Three years ago, I would never have imagined myself playing with colors like these. Now, it's l as easy as 1-2-3 to create a rainbow makeup looks, a smokey navy blue eyes or a bright barbie makeup! I can't even remember the day I didn't know what to do with green eyeshadows!

So, if you think you can't rock a palette like this... I beg to differ! You only need to see my first few posts (que horror!) and you would know that if I can do it? Then, most certainly so can YOU!

Cerrulean Blue | Jungle Green | Brick Red | Barbie Pink | Forest Green

Canary Shine | True Red | Sunshine Yellow | Periwinkle | Midnight Blue

Peach Love | Vivid Purple | Ice Blue | Pristine White | Blackest Black

The packaging wasn't so bad either. It's sleek and sophicated look. Best of all, you can fold it in a way that it doesn't take too much space on vanity!

Beauty Pro Cosmetics Crazy Colour Palette do remind me of the famous Sugar Pill Cometics and a little bit of MAC eyeshadows. It's highly pigmented and doesn't necessarily need base (oily lids though still need it to prevent creasing). Quality wise, I'm head over heels with the Craz Colour Palette. It's every makeup enthusiast's dream to own out of this world colors.

Can't wait to play with these babies more. Care to suggest a combination? I'm game!

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  1. Galebart_1523/11/11 7:41 AM

    Those are so pretty!!!!!!! I want to have one ^_^

  2. could you link to where to purchase this? that would be helpful, unless I'm missing it :) 

  3. where to buy these? :D so cool colors and lovely! 

  4. i think these are available at digital traincase multiply site...  can't wait to see the looks you will create with this very beautiful palette Miss Shen!

  5. saccharine015823/11/11 7:18 PM

    the palette is soooo pigmented! thanks for swatching shen. :)

  6. Rekafuentes24/11/11 4:29 PM

    Wow... beautiful and pigmented colors... <3


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