Movie Review: No Other Woman (Tagalog Movie)

For someone who spent her life watching and re-watching Filipino drama films since her childhood days, I can say that I'm a good critique when it comes drama films. I grew up watching films of Sharon CunetaVilma SantosDawn ZuluetaCheri GilDina BonevieLorna TolentinoHilda Coronel and the list go on. I'm quite impressed with how Filipina actresses played their roles as protagonists and antagonists during those times. 

I honestly have been waiting for a film in the same caliber of Kaputol ang Isang Awit, Narito ang Puso ko, Ikaw, Bituing Walang Ningning and Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan to name a few. Because seriously, those films I can watch over and over again and never tire of. The story lines were thought-provoking and the acting was really impressive. And my God, how classy they deliver their lines in english, even in Tagalog. Sadly, I have not been impressed by any of the mainstream drama movie filmmakers have been making for the past decade. Save for a Mano Po , Tanging Yaman and One More Chance.

My BFF/Cousin and I watch Pinoy films like nobody's business when there's a new one out bute would constantly find ourselves "bitin" from the movies we've seen lately. When we both decided to check out "No Other Woman" due to the raves of many (thanks to TEAM E for introducing this film to me), we didn't get our hopes up. After the movie debacle with KC and Sam Milby, we really didn't want to expect a lot. Somehow we both feel that movies nowadays are just another medium for marketing, like in Sarah's recent movie with Juday where she constantly keep on finding ways to show off her endorsements. Medyo nakaka-jirita.

Fortunately enough, No Other Woman did not disappoint. The plot isn't new. We've seen them several times in older Tagalog films. But to see actresses and actors of our generation play the role that many of us may probably have experience was something fresh. In other words, we can relate. 

Derek Ramsey isn't exactly the cheating husband that the trailer portrays him to be. His cheating wasn't really brought on by the fact that he was seeking to get laid . Having the beautiful Anne Curtis as the Other Woman who seem carefree (ala woman of the world) ignited a passion in Derek's character that I felt he fought of at the beginning but failed miserably. That even with happy marriage with equally beautiful wife in Kristine Reyes' character, we can only say that it's because "he's a man" and "My God! Ang hot kasi si Anne!". At least to my stand point, it was.

In my own analysis (Naks!), No Other Woman meant that both Kristine and Anne didn't really want to share. Anne fought off the feelings, I'm sure (and as indicated in the film). She's trying to hold on to the fact that she was in control of her feelings and that she can get it on without emotional attachment. But alas! Love sneaks up on her and in the end, made her do things that she wouldn't normally do. Love makes you do crazy things, indeed.

Kristine on the other hand have lowered herself that instead of leaving her husband (which ideally, you should do if your husband cheats on you) fought for him instead. Up to a point that she bantered with Anne, underhandedly and face to face. You'll enjoy these women's bravado.

The question that would be raised is that if you would do the same things if put in their position. After all, us Filipinos love to act our lives out as if it's a movie. If you're Anne, would you lower yourself and fight for a man who is married? And if you're Kristine, would you have the courage to face the woman who wants to ruin your marriage? Could you even possibly invite her to your own home?

The ending was nothing short of expected. Remember, this is the Philippines. Marriage always win. But how they go through that emotional rollercoaster is definitely something to watch out for. I love the classy deliver of lines from Anne and I was very much impressed with Kristine's dramatic acting. It wasn't cheesy at all. Derek played the role of a typical male cheater caught in between warring women, confused and full of regret. Some parts were a bit overacting (especially the dinner scene between the three main characters). I think they could have delivered it more naturally.

As for the lines, most of it were pretty much realistic as it could be, save for a few ones from Carmi Martin (which I may say, was really comedic). As much as I love Sharon Cuneta and her films, I would like movies now without the big and heavy Tagalog words and would want it to be more true to my age's language. Their lines in English weren't "pilit" or there was a lot of over-acting scenes. I like the fluidity of the film. However, a few parts were kind of bitin. And oh, I noticed there was a lot "father issues" in the film.

After the film, you'll feel the heaviness of  what the characters went through and it'll stay with you as you leave the theater. I felt like I needed a drink (alcoholic) after.

The movie was no Bitiung Walang Ningning but I enjoyed it. Make sure that if you watch this movie, you watch it with a good friend. It's much more fun that way. You'll definitely talk about Kristine and Anne's fasyon outfits after you're done dissecting the film over coffee or drinks.

P.S. I felt the need to use L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 and invest in SMDC Condos after watching the film. I also felt the need to stock up on Century Tuna after seeing Derek's rock-hard abs.

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  1. I watched this movie yesterday. "I am not going to give Ram up without a goddamn fight!" haha

  2. hilarious how their endorsements came into play right? 

  3. i really want to watch this one!!!

  4. Chryztyne Hermoso3/10/11 11:35 PM

    I just watched this too. Did you also notice how different their (Anne's and Kristine's) hair & makeup looks were?  Kristine's was more polished, clean and classy: clean face, neat hair, and soft pink lips, while Anne's was more of the sexy look - smoky eyes, nude lips, sexy curls. It showed how different they were supposed to be in the movie. Oh, I enjoyed the movie, too!

  5. i screeched when anne threw the hermes! sana sinalo ko nalang! wahaha! i liked the movie. expected ending and storyline but maganda pa rin. i love anne's acting. effective sya! hehe!

  6. do you know the designer/store of the black one-piece that anne wore? i want one!!

  7. I think this is really a very nice post.



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