Jane Iredale Starter Kit in Golden (Photos, Swatches, FOTD) | A Comprehensive Review

For a woman of 28 who still deals with acne, oily skin on top of other skin problem, I consider myself lucky. Why you ask? Because we have mineral makeup! Even with the love for traditional cosmetics, I know the goodness that is present in mineral makeup. Since discovering them at a bazaar in La Vista and Christ The King, I knew that MMU (as we beauty addicts fondly call it) was the best makeup for my troubled skin.

And them coming in a form of pressed, sticks and liquids is quite the proverbial cherry on top. I know you agree!

Jane Iredale have reached the top of the MMU ladder with products made from only high quality ingredients. It's popularity is not just because of Hollywood and Philippine celebrities' are seen using it, not even because it is frequently featured in the best fashion and beauty international magazines.. it's because of the strong following of women who like me have a lot of things to cover but would want to aggravate the condition of their skin. And most if not all women have some sort of skin problems. I still remember how most of the privileged people I know recommend Jane Iredale when I was on a hunt for the best mineral makeup for my oily skin.

I've recently gotten my hands on their best-selling Jane Iredale Starter kit which feature many of their top sellers. Encased this lovely ivory box are Two PurePressed Based in SPF 25, Dream Tint SPF 15, Circle/Delete Concealer, PurePressed Blush, L.A. Just Kissed Lipstick, and Base, Blush and Concealer Brush.

The Jane Iredale Starter Kit is a good choice for thsoe who are just recently introduced to mineral makeup and have the finances to buy quality mineral makeup.

Jane Iredale is for you:

if you want to switch to mineral makeup but don't want to deal with powder type forms.
if you want a complete face makeup that is safe for the skin.
if you want to take a fresh outlook on makeup
if you want a more natural looking makeup look

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The Jane Iredale Starter Kit I got was the one in Golden (Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV)

Skintone - Light Brown, golden undertone
Eyes - Light brown to dark brown
Natural Hair - Chestnut, dark, brown
Tam - Rarely burns, tans easily

Above information was taken from the Jane Iredale Starter Kit Box info.'s

Golden Glow | Warm Sienna

There are two PurePressed Base Pressed Mineral Powder that comes in the Jane Iredale Starter Kit. This is to ensure that you get to choose which shade best suits the golden skin. Golden shade comes in Warm Sienna and Golden Glow.

My skin matches Golden Glow spot on and so I make use of Warm Sienna aas setting powder for the undereyes. Using a lighter shade of foundation powder make the udereyes look brighter and give the face a bit of dimension.

Dream Tint Moisture Tint SPF15 UVA/UVB  in Medium

Jane Iredale Dream Tint Moisture Tint with SPF 15 UVA/UVB is probably my most favorite in this Starter Kit. It's a sunscreen tinted moisturizer but it feels more like a primer. It also helps in calming the skin and it also has anti-aging properties. Both Jheng and I raved about. It almost have a mattifying feel and glides on to the skin easily. I use this all over the face and concentrating on the parts where I'm most red like the sides of the nose, chin and forehead. I really hope somebody gives me this for Christmas.

Pure Pressed Blush in Whisper
Pure Pressed Blush in Whisper is really a beautiful shade that creates a natural looking blush worthy of a magazine cover. It's not a s shimmer or satin-y as swatch indicates. Pigmentation though isn't like traditional blush so you may have to work this in just a tad it to get the desired shade you want. I am really loving this blush.

Just Kissed Lip Plumper in LA

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in L.A. compliments my lips really well. It's a peach pink with golden shift that matches  a lot of skintone. I love the all-natural look this gives. L.A. Just Kissed remind me of Nars Orgasm blush. Don't they look a bit similar?

Circle/Delete Concealer in #1

Circle and Delete Concealer is one of Jane Iredale's best selling products. The Golden Starter Kit has #1 Cirle and Delete Concealer After all, who wouldn't want to go  for an all-mineral concealer that packs on a lot of pigmentation and does the concealing job really well. You'll notice that it comes in two shades. If either shade matches your skin well, then you're lucky. But if it isn't, mix the two to get the desired shade you like that'll make those nasty dark under eyes disappear and give you a brighter looking face.

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What's convenient is that this kit comes with serviceable animal and synthetic brushes. There's the base brush, the blush brush and concealer brush. It is soft remains to be so ever after washing. The trouble is the base and blush brush tend to shed after you wash it. What is great is that you don't have to shell out more money for tools as these brushes are nice enough for this kit. Jane Iredale though have a collection of brushes that I think are way better than these. I like the concealer brush though because of the right denseness and it blends the concealer well.


To share withyou guys how I use the Jane Iredale Starter Kit, this is a short photo grid of the step my step.

  • Apply the Dream Tint Moisture Tint all over the face for sunprotection and to reduce appearance of redness.
  • With the Base Brush, apply the PurePressed Base Pressed Mineral Powder in Golden Glow to set the Dream Tint.
  • Use the end of the concealer brush to mix the Concealer/Delete Concealer shades that'll match your skin.
  • Apply the Conceal/Delete Concealer to your undereyes, blend softly and gently.
  • Use the lighter shade PurePressed Base Pressed Mineral Powder to set in your concealer
  • Smile and apply the PurePressed Blush in Whisper on the apples of your cheeks with the Blush Brush.
  • Lastly, shade your lips with Just Kissed Lip Plumper in LA for a nice sheen on the lips.
  • Apply your eye makeup and groom your brows as usual.

As you can tell, I am very much in love with my Jane Iredale Starter Kit. This gives me enough products to last me a while and an overview of what to check out next time I want to buy individual products from the said brand. I notice that my pimples weren't aggravated in my course of using this kit, rather I prefer this actually for when I have pimples as it helps in healing it (we all know mineral makeup have a way of doing that to acne).

Best of all, I can sleep with my makeup on!

This set is around Php5000. It may look expensive but if you compute all the products that are in it, the total is thrice the price. I feel that we really get our money's worth kits like these. It's much more convenient and practical.

Metro Manila - Rustan's Makati (02) 816-4453
                        Rustan's Alabang (02) 850-5532

Davao - Chimes Abreeza & Gov. Sales (082) 221-3769
              Medico Aeathetico de Davao (0922)882-3996
Zamboanga - Medi-Spa (062) 992-7134
Gen. Santos City - (083) 554-228
Cebu - Glamour Secret  at Banilad Town Center (093) 256-335
Laguna - Headzone, Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa
1st floor Evekal Bldg., Arnaiz Ave., Makati City. Also at Rustan's Makati and Alabang

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  1. I love your FOTD!  You look so blooming Miss Shen! :)

  2. great barely there look ^_^

  3. Jamillacamel11/10/11 2:22 PM

    You look fabulous - and even better, it's the perfect makeup for your skin!

  4. you looked effortlessly beautiful sis! mukhang ma b BI mo naman ako nyan! :P

  5. What happened to your skin? :( did you change your skin care routine?

  6. hi tricia, the meds i took wore off. :) and i'm experiencing contact dermatitis for the past months. my fave toothpaste happened to be too strong for my skin. sniff. 


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