Gadget Zone: Clutterzap EarBones

When the BF finally decided that he needed an MP3, I knew that he's earphones will be a disarray every after use. I would hate for him to ruin his earphones just because it's always tangled. You know, one day you're hearing sounds from both ear phones and the next, the left is the only one working.

Knowing BF, who knows very little about gadgets (he's more the sports buff than the gadget geek), he doesn't know this. And since I wouldn't want him to listen to Eminem or Cradle of Filth in just one earphone, it's my job to help him out.

Hence, I got his Clutterzap Earbones. It's really a nifty thing for the chaos that is your earphones. How do I know? Because my earphones looked like mess before I got my own pair. Not to mention that I broke one of mine in a fit of range when I need to answer a call while driving and my headset just won't untangle! #davidhasslehofftalaga

Just look how neat his earphones are in a white Clutterzap! Bagay pa!

He said that it was easier to put on his earphones now compared the first few days.

And that's mine (the pink one) beside the BF's Clutterzap. #bagayparangkami

I got mine through beauty and minerals online shop for Php180.
You can get this to at Pixel Pro Megamall.

They have a promo now on FB, 3 for 500 or 7 for 1000! Great Christmas gifts for your friends and family! At least for those who are not into makeup as we are. :)

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  1. Nice! A sweet pair of clutterzap :)

    I noticed the hashtagging "#XXXX" stuff... ano ibig sabihin nun (hehe, mangmang masyadow)

  2. mahilig lang ako maghangtag. :) a way of saying my thoughts as well in a post like what we do on twitter. hehehe!

  3. thanks for featuring this product. i could use this too for my earphones! i always bring my ipod and my last earphones broke because i have a habit of stashing them in my bag especially when im in a hurry. 


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