YumYum: NAV Modern Thai Cuisine at Kapitolyo, Pasig

I think it was a Sunday when the BF and I decided that the dogs needed grooming. their cuteness ratings we're decidedly dropping too low from their long hair, nails and well, they were smelling like... dogs. Lol. Since we have three amazing pups, grooming take 2 to 3 hours depending on the time of the day we bring them in. The BF and I would usually do our grocery at SM Hypermart and have dinner as we wait for Purple Groom Tiendesitas personnel to call us that the dogs are done and ready for pick up.

This time was different, I was craving for Thai cuisine like nobody's business the night before and Patty (a multiply and twitter friend) informed me of a newly established Modern Thai restaurant in Kapitolyo called NAV. Having lived in Kapitolyo with BF for nearly two years, I was very familiar with the location and was all too eager to try it. Simply Thai, my favorite modern Thai resto, was way too far for me and BF. Besides, I was still in my house clothes.

Nav is located  right beside Uncle Moe's Shawarma at United St., Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig. It's easy to spot once you're there. The place is small if you ask me, like those mini townhouses. It's a loft type, where in you're greeted with 3-4 tables once you're inside and then there's a few stair steps and will show you a much bigger seating arrangements. Cozy enough and you won't even think the space too small after awhile. Decorated by green walls, cozy white chairs and wood interiors. There was a bit of a Thai feel but with modern minimalism.

The menu isn't too confusing which is nice and you can easily spot your favorite Thai dish.

Of course I had to order my favorite Thai beverage, Thai Milk Tea (Php120). It's nothing like the one served in Simply Thai but the large serving pleased me. It's not too sweet, though. Others who doesn't want the extra cholesterol of milk, will love this.

Surprisingly, I ordered the Crab Cakes (Php230) for our appetizer. I usually don't like Crab Cakes but this was was tasty enough that we were able to finish 4 pieces of them. The chili sauce was a nice partner for the crab cakes. It definitely revved up my appetite.

I don't consider my Thai experience if there is no Tom Yum soup among my order. I also ordered Tom Yum Goong (Prawns) because it was a sure fire dish that I know the BF would love. It was spicy as hell and loving it! The serving we ordered was good for 2-3 persons for Php270. It's not as thick as I would have like, I think the To Yum Ghai had Coconut milk in it so I guess I should try that next time. But the Goong was especially good and I enjoyed every sip and slurp of it.

Catfish Salad (P245) was one reason why I fell for Thai cuisine and I wanted to try the NAV version. It was made the traditional way, deep fried and served with green mangoes, vinegar and fresh basil (i think) and it was very tasty. I love the play of the sourness of the dressing with the sweetness of mangoes and crunchiness of the deep fried catfish. Although I still prefer the Nam Prikh version of Simply Thai, I also like my catfish salad served traditionally. It's simple, tasteful and crave-sating.

I always think that appetizers and salads of Thai cuisine can pass off as main dishes that's why we settled with Green Curry Chicken Php240. I use to hate curry and now I don't understand why! It's soooo good! I love this dish so much that I almost ordered another serving if only to drink the sauce! You can never go wrong with any curry dish when it comes to Thai food. Thank God for the Indian influence to Thai cuisine as we reap its benefit!

To enjoy any sort of Thai dish, I always partner it with a soft Jasmine Rice (Php40). Nothing so special here though, it's plain rice that partners the Chicken Curry well.

And look! They gave us a free Pandan Creme (Php140)! Ron and I were surprised that they served us this. But we were only too happy to oblige and we ate with much gusto (despite my already too full tummy). It was like a pandan panacota ( i love anything panacota!) and it was delish! I love that it wasn't killing me with sweetness that I'll tire of it. It really has a balanced flavor in it for a dessert. :) And oh the chocolate was such a nice contrast to the milky flavor.

Although I'm very partial to Simply Thai (it is still my favorite Modern Thai restaurant), NAV gets a close second for me. Especially that is very near my place (it's in the same city even!). I just know that this will definitely be among the restaurants that I would always visit whenever I'm craving for Thai cuisine.

And they also serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages! Good news for me and my friends!

NAV Modern Thai is located at 16-C United St., Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City.
For reservations, you may call them at 6558395.

Thai Addiction rating: 3.5 out of 5

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  1. All of this Thai food looks so good!  I'm starving in class now lol.  I love Thai tea and Tom Yum. 

  2. Jennifer Fitzgerald14/9/11 7:36 AM

    yumm looks so good!!! xo

  3. oooh after simply thai i may wanna try this, too ☺♥ thanks for the heads up ☺

  4. sorry sis! even i crave for thai dish and i doubt even have to look at food blogs... just the mere mention of it... oh no! Now i'm craving again! :) hehehe!


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