I had such a wonderful night...

Yesterday, a few of us got to spend some time with a brand I'm sure you're very familiar with. The brand was VMV. know for their hypoallergenic skincare and cosmetics. They are coming up with really promising products that I'm sure many of you makeup enthusiasts will love. It's always fun to spend time with women (sometimes men) who have the same passion as you do for anything beauty related.

It was overmwhelming how these brand sees blogging as a medium to share the great products they come up with. And I really appreaciate that they include Shen's Addiction in their roaster.

Of course, never let it be said that such appreaciation sacrifices the voice of this blog. Because I will still provide myself and Shen's Addiction readers the true thoughts of what I think of anything that comes this blog's way.

Nevertheless, being acknowledged and to be among the finest in the blogging community, I consider as a great honor for this blog.. And yes, myself.

Not to mention that after such an incredible exchange of thoughts about beauty was followed by a gastrobomic experience at our favorite Thai restaurant, Simply Thai.

Having to gush about how spicy good the Tom Yum Talay in Beckinese and reliving childhood and adolescent blunders with these beauty bloggers was quite the cherry on top.

Have you ever felt as if you are astral projecting away from your body and seeing yourself laughing and really satisfied? Then saying to yourself.. "Damn! You look incredibly happy!"?

That's how I saw myself last night.

A woman near in her thirties, who I might say doesn't look her age at all.. Lol! Having the time of her life because she has such incredible friends who loves and accepts her despite her quirks and misgivings.

I wish every night was like last night. I agree with Sophie. Last night was a carefree one even if my shoes were pinching my toes. I really agree with the saying that if you're having a great time, all your worries seem to fly right out of the window.

Amazing how such an evening can move you. It's amazing how it could almost change your life and make you wish to become a better person.

Although I still feel uncertainty, I'm assured even a little that I do not walk alone. That somehow, God has given a gift in the form of my friends that fills that sudden empty space in my heart.

Before I use to envy my friends because they have siblings to whom they can share their whole life with... What I realized now is that they opened their arms and hearts to me and now sees me as well, almost like their sister.

All I can say is that I'm blessed. Somebody is indeed looking out for me.

And to you.. Thanks for being still being here. Reading this melodramatic post.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Beautynomics10/9/11 11:57 AM

    *screams at the top of my lungs* We love you Shen!!!

  2. Charina Espinosa10/9/11 1:18 PM

    love your post =))

  3. I think what your readers most like about you is that you treat them as family. You dont only share cosmetics find and other material stuffs but you also share it with us when you're happy, in pain or in love. You also fill us in with your opinions about issues (like your recent post about teenage pregnancy). For 2 years that I have been reading your blog (you were still a mineral makeup addict back then. haha. and i remember your crazy NYX rls haul. haha) it felt like talking to a real sister. I might not been active with commenting, but it became almost a daily read for me. So keep it up Shen and remain humble as you've always been for the past years. :)

  4. Issachavez12/9/11 9:23 AM

    aaawwww, nice post!  nice to know that you're having a good time! inggit ako...hope you included photos of your wonderful night... :) 


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