The Makeup Look: #BobbiBrown Tortoise Shell Inspired (With Tutorial Video)

Bobbi Brown says that your beauty shouldn't be hindered by wearing your glasses. She herself wears glasses and with that she created a fall collection that consisted of a lot of warm browns, taupes and bronze that compliments your frames. I am especially in love with the lipstick. Here she emphasize on how to modernize a classic look. Make yours eyes the windows to your soul, enhance your peepers with or without glasses.

And since I wanted the collection but don't currently have the moolah to get it, I did a look inspired from Bobbi Brown's Tortoise Collection using some of the products I already have. Some are from Bobbi Brown like the Skin Foundation, Guava Lipstick and Everything Mascara. While I used Urban Decay Naked Palette to recreate a sort of smokey gold look. Love the results and the bronzey effect of this look. Definitely something I'd be re-doing for many days (and enhancing for those night outs).

Hope I did Bobbi proud!

Products used:

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Warm Beige (w/ Charm Travel Pro Stippling Brush)
Ellana Intensive Mineral Foundation in Hazelnut Latte (w/ Charm Luve Kabuki brush)
The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Deep Matte (03) (w/ Charm Travel Pro blush brush)
Ellana Mineral Blush in Bunny (w/ Charm Travel Pro blush brush)

Modelco Designer Browz Kit in Meidum (w/ Charm Dream Duo Brow Brush)

Urban Decay Naked Palette (Charm Pro Eyeshadow brush)
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner (Charm Travel Pro bent liner brush)
Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara

EOS Lip Balm
NYX Round Lipstick in Cocoa
Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Guava

Love my new Thierry Mugler glasses. Thanks Thierry for making me feel pretty even with glasses on!

Here's a tutorial video of how I did this look.
No I'm not naked! I was wearing a tube dress. Lol!
Sorry for the poor quality, it will improve in a few minutes. :)

What's in the video I think you'd like?
How I contour my face,
Eyebrow definition

What do you think? Share your thoughts with me!

For video tuotial requests, just comment below and I'll do my best to do them! :)


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  1. I love your look! I need to get my hands on that Guava lipstick! Your glasses are wonderful!

  2. You look sooo pretty here!!!!! Love the eye makeup <3
    I'm having a giveaway-

  3. love the frames and the makeup ☺♥

  4. saw on your previous entries that you took Roacutane. Me two. Way back 2005. out of the blue I was acne attacked on 2003. horrible. Then my derma put me on Roacutane for 6 months, once a day tablet. It worked naman. some occasional zits but nothing major. Are you still taking now? btw i love your make up. am a sucker for make up/beauty blogs just like yours. Kasi my eyes gets red pag nag me-make up ako. I have lots, but i never use them. also laughed at your post Obagi treatment. I can't believe you walked around with a yellow face. btw my bestfriend nag pa obagi blue peel. Blue ang mukha nya when she came from the clinic. Takip mukha. It was long time ago. 2004 yata. is it same as yours?

  5. you look ready for the beach sis! yohoo! (^_^) i love your eyebrow makeup and wow Thierry Mugler - i <3 their fragrance!

    seeing you doing these videos is sort of convincing me to vlog as well hehe.

  6. Ikaw ang TEACHER! =P Rawr! Ganda mo partner, as always <3 Mwah!

  7. The Beauty Junkee1/9/11 7:30 PM

    OMG Shen! You bought the palette na! :D

  8. i love the look and your frames :) 

  9. Valeriecabance1/9/11 11:39 PM

    I have a love-hate relationship with bobbi brown because of the price. Haha. You did really well! Sana i'm as good as you in doing makeup...

    P.S. I'm gonna steal your glasses and your lipstick! Hahaha! :D

  10. musicalfan2/9/11 12:52 AM

    shen, this is a great fotd! love the cheekbones!

  11. This is a great look Shen! I love how your cheeks look so sun-kissed and fresh... perfect combo for your eye makeup :)

  12. I love your eyebrows in this post, may I know what products you used? Thanks!

  13. Lani Sonza2/9/11 7:15 AM

    Hi Shen! You look so fresh here! muka kng kolehiyala! aahhaha!
    just wondering...where you bought your frames? I like it too...

    Have  a nice day! 

  14. love the neutrals!!! :) galing! :)


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