Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB200M | Look, Ma! No hands!

Fact: I'm always on the run and I'm almost always on the phone.

Fact: I hate texting on Iphone.

Myth: Bluetooth headsets are expensive and hard to use.

Apparently, for only Php1950, I can get myself a nice looking bluetooth headset and maximize my talk time allocation on my mobile plan.

When I saw Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB200M, it was not so hard to fall in love. It's such a beauty compared to other more popular brands. When I tried it, I was hooked.

Do you ever get a call at the middle of doing something in computer, working or even watching a nice film? I do. I even get calls when I'm doing my makeup. I end up sacrificing my makeup time so I can take an important call because there was no way that I could apply an eyeliner with one hand.

Worst thing is when I'm driving! Iphone is such a difficult phone to answer when driving with the sliding and all and that's one major factor to me getting a headset. With just a click on headset, I can answer a call and drive! That's like saving both my life and work at the same time! Because using your phone while driving is a such a no-no!

Why not use the headset that came with my Iphone? Well, I honestly hated the wires I need to hold the mic near my mouth. Beats the purpose of it being "hands-free".

That's why I'm so happy that I finally now have a Hisense Mono Headset.
The model I got is Mini HB200M
it comes in Silver, Black, Champagne, Red and Green
I chose green because it looks so sleek!

When pairing, press the answer button (the silver thing at the middle) and wait 8 seconds. When the light starts blinking blue and red then you can find it on your phone and pair it by typing "0000". Viola! You're done!

I got to try the Hisense Mono Headset immediately when I called a friend who was having a problem and I was able to work on my photos while I listened to her plight. The clarity of the call was amazing given that I was at the balcony and my phone was at the receiving area.
Oh! And the voice control was cool! I was able to open up my Ipod app using my headset!!

What else?

  • It's so easy to set it up with my Iphone. Within a minute or two, my headset was already paired  and ready to take calls. 
  • Charging time wasn't so bad either. It only took an hour or so... (3.5 hours initial charging)
  • It comes with a manual just in case you have a hard time pairing it.
  • There are also a few kinds of ear pieces to suit your comfort.
  • It comes with an ear hook (which I don't use at all)
  • It comes with a lanyard necklace and a magnetic attachment for easy access

What I love is that I can connect it to two phones and I don't need to bring my phone with me around the office or at home when I'm talking to someone. The reach is quite good which is totally a plus for me.
Available in different colors to suit your lifestyle.

Oh, and it's sooo lightweight at 7.5 grams. You won't even feel discomfort the longer you use. Rather, you would hardly notice it at all.

different ear piece attachments


necklace/lanyard for easy access to your bluetooth headset

I totally recommend this especially if you're the type who's got unlimited calls on your mobile plan and you hate texting. Also, bluetooth headsets are lifesavers!! No no to using phone while driving!

I'm actually giving one to the BF for our 6th year anniversary as he's the type of guy who would rather call than text. Not to mention that his parents from the US frequently calls him and spend a good hour or two talking to him. I'm sure he'll appreciate having his two hands to use while his mom lists down the things he needs to do for them.

It's important that when buying a headset, you get a brand that's been tested and came from a good brand. That's exactly what Hisense Mono Headset is.

So, yeah! I totally recommend it!

Hisense Mono Headset is available at Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, 5th Ave - Shangri-la, ADI Gadget World (Park Square), Power Telecom Shop (SM North).

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  1. This headset is a lot cutter than other ones I've seen.  Thanks for the in-depth review. :)

  2. I've actually been scouting some wireless headset and I am glad I came across your post. =) I definitely love the green color as it looks so chic! Thanks for this post Shen!

  3. Pauljohnroperos19/9/11 7:31 PM

    Hey, Just want to ask if you know where to buy spare ear piece of this headset need one for mine thanks a lit. =)


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