Haul: Tony Moly, Baby!

Yet another haul from yours truly!

I visited Tony Moly a few weeks ago with Martha for its press launch and I did a bit of some damage. I bought a few nice things of course.

I got the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation with Sebum Control. I didn't really get want it says on the packaging, though. Lol! Oil Control factor wise, not so good. At least with my face which oils up 5 seconds after bathing. I swear, I have an oil-mine face like nobody's business. It kinda sucks, but eh! That's life!

 The Tony Moly Gel liner is quite a nab for about Php300++ (i think! Correct me if I'm wrong!). It's quite opaque enough and it comes with a brush. Will review this more in posts to follow. Promise!

I love this periwinkle/lavender nail polish and it's like less than Php200 (yes, I'm bad at remembering prices!). I used this and it's really nice against my NC30 skin tone.

Gray nail polish is in trend, believe it or not. Of course, I'm not about to shell out for something expensive since all the moolah goes to makeups. Thank God for alternatives! :) This gray nail polish from Tony Moly is such a steal. :)

I also got a GWP cute sampe of their cheek tint.

How tiny, right? Feel like Alice in Alice in Wonderland about to drink a potion. :)

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  1. the cheek tint is so cute, hihihi....can't wait for your reviews :)

  2. What a great haul!  I love the packaging.  

  3. shen, i don't think your face is as oily as mine. seriously, ako talaga ang ideal test subject for oily skin. if it stays put on me, then it's really something! LOL

  4. Cant wait to read your review on the gel liner! And gray nail polish is an essential color for me :D

  5. !!! I've been looking for gray nail polish for the longest time! Thank you!

  6. nice haul ;) ws the cheek tint free? :)

  7. i want the tint. it's so cute!

  8. This cheek tint gives me a natural flush. I love how it does wonders to my dull complexion.

  9. charice anne p. chua4/8/11 1:29 PM

    my nivea moment started when i was a lil girl.I can still remember how my mom and dad were using the nivea creme in a blue tin container sealed with foil as moisturizer. They will use it as massage cream for our body before bedtime. My aunts and lola were also using it as make up remover. It was like they passed on the tradition. Its not a surprise, now that I've become a mom I still trust the same brand that my family were using.Fortunately, they have complete line of baby and adult products that would compliment our daily needs. I love the moisture that it provides and the lingering scent that makes you crave for more. I also love the smell of my husband returning after a long day of work and still smelling fresh. Im also very excited and thankful for their new addition which is the pure and natural that doesn't contain all the scary stuff that we don't need on our body. I also read a lot of good reviews using jojoba and argan oil on our skin.Its my first time sharing my inputs online but I kinda excited about it. Thanks for all the good reviews, I'm a full time housewife but certified kikay, always hunting for good stuff. I'm always looking forward for your reviews and really helped me a lot. Thanks and Good Luck! ;)

  10. ey Doll ♥ did you get these during the press launch?  awww i was about to get the sebum control, this post made me think tuloy, waiting for them to finally have the shade right for my skin tone. 
    the gel liner is wonderful, the brush that comes with it is great, too.
    careful with the cheek stain once you open it, the stain oozes out from the lid.

  11. hi! what are the name codes of the nail polish? hihi i like the colors. love your blog! :)


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