FOTD: Soft Neutrals + FOTD Contest

I did a rough face of the day using my pigments from Ellana Minerals and some of my reliable makeups. I didn't actually want to put on makeup that day but when I took another look of my pale dull face, I just had to make time. So I did what I knew best, make sure I had color on my cheeks and lips, applied a bit of bronzer and colors to my eyes. 

Everyday I find that applying makeup has been easier and it has already been a part of my daily routine. It's like drinking a cup of coffee or brushing my teeth. It's not that I can't leave without makeup on but I it's more on the act that I feel good whenever I wear it. Being an addict and one that appreciate the use makeup, finding reasons not to use them is quite hard before stepping out of the door. Makeup is a way to express myself, inspire confidence and adds pizzazz to an otherwise ho-hum day.

We may be a few who thinks this way about makeup, that's why I'm glad that with beauty blogging... I meet more and more people (like you) who can relate how I feel about cosmetics.

Products used:
Max Factor Weightless Foundation in Brown Hessian
Ellana Loose Powder Foundation Hazelnut Intensive Blend
ELF Countouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
Model Co. Designer Browz Kit in medium

For the Eyes:
Ellana Eye Primer
Ellana Multipurpose Powder in Dainty
Ellana Multipurpose Powder in Paradise
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner
Max Factor Lash Extention Effect Mascara

This look is pretty much barely there and would just blend onto my skintone as hour. For days when i know I won't be attending a big party or event, I try tame down my makeup (God knows, how hard that is for me!). So here it's pretty much jusr accentuating and shading. No bright colors whatsoever.

I've recently acquired the whole collection of Honey Bronze from The Body Shop but with the rain and eveything, taking photos of them has been sort of impossible. Now that the sun is shining yet again, I now have a chance to them to you! So excited about this since I'm really a bronzer addict. :)

Contest alert!!

Show me your latest Neutral of Everyday FOTD! :) Send them in via the photo link of my Disqus comment box. I'll pick one to win a nice mascara and BB Cream from Maybelline! :)

How to join:

1. Make a A neutral or everyday Face Of The Day Look and provide me with a short description on how you came up with that look.
2. You must be a subscriber of Shen's Addiction (Check out sidebar to subscribe)
3. Must be a twitter follower (shensaddiction) and Facebook Page Liker.(
4. Retweet and Share this post via Twitter and Facebook. (retweet and share button is found below the title of this post)
5. Send in your entry at shenscontest(at)gmail(dot)com with links of your retweet and share.
6. Comment below that you've join the contest and complete the sentence: "I use makeup when __________."
7. You're Done

Deadline of entries is on August 30, 2011.

The Winner will be announced on September 7, 2011 through a blog post. Photos will be posted in the blog post.

Winners have 30 days to collect their prizes from date of announcement.

One entry per contestant. :) Sending in of your photo implies that you give Shen's Addiction blog/website and Me (Lee Shen E. Gee), blog/website owner, the right of the use of such photo on this blog/website. Posting of the photo will only be for the purpose of this contest and not for anything else.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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  1. you look gorgeous,hun!
    your eyeliner is purrfect!!!!!

    but you are way lovelier in real life,sweetie!
    it was nice meeting you!

    the contest is fun!
    it's been a while since i did a neutral look
    have to try playing with my neutrals din

  2. Very lovely neutral FOTD~

  3. Vanity is an addiction7/8/11 6:08 PM

    Love the eye makeup! It's so pretty and gorgeous!


  4. Candy Sweet9/8/11 2:50 PM

    Contest entry
    I used make up when me,family and friends went to a special occassion like wedding, family and friends reunion. I always wear a neutral look. :) 

  5. Hi Shen!

    Can I crosspost this on Kikay Exchange? With linkback to you of course :)

  6. Love the eye make-up. Especially the liner and lashes. So gorgeous!

  7. i missed entering into contests, especially FOTD ones! so just for the fun of it, here's my entry!

    I use makeup everytime I feel like it. It used to be everyday when I was on my peak of my makeup addiction but lately my focus has been shifted to more important things. Doesn't mean though I've forgotten beauty or that it's not important - not at all! So now when I have the chance to put it on or really just feel like it, I make sure I make myself proud and put it on to make myself great about how I look. 

    btw, i came up with this look because even though it may be neutral i believe it still IS ME, (fierce-looking eyes) i really can't help it hehe. i think that is my signature look, very strong eye looks. even though looks like this attracts stares, it IS ME. ^_^

    thanks Shen for this contest! it was fun, even though neutral look is my weakest point hehe.

  8. I use makeup whenever I want to. Makeup has been a part of my everyday life as this has also been my passion. I cannot go out of the house without applying any makeup on actually; but during days wherein I won't be going out, I make sure that I give my face a well-deserved rest from makeup.

    Thanks for this contest Shen :)

  9. I use makeup especially when I need a good picker-upper on an otherwise humdrum day. :) I'm what you call a "noob" (newbie, yep) to makeup and all things girly. Call me a late bloomer if you will, but that doesn't stop me from trying out different makeup stuff and different looks, especially when I'd like to brighten my day and make it extra special. However, for everyday, I'd like to keep my makeup nice and simple, to balance out the loudness of my unnaturally red hair!

    P.S. First time to enter a blog contest, teehee. Most likely a first among many! ^_^ Hallo thar, noob me! :P

  10. Your beauty blog space Shen is very inspiring I just watched your video for NIVEA and I have realized that hobby could be turned into something profitable by sharing tips on make-up and I have never been more interested on make-up. Continue to inspire more people and I can't wait to hear more of your success stories...:)

  11. I love your make up specially the eyeliner and the shade you used. It looks good on you. I also saw your post on your your facial treatment, your skin became soft and good looking. Are you taking supplements for skin too? I am taking astaxanthin supplement with antioxidant power :)


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