Beauty Event: Clinique Party with Shen's Addiction Readers

I've never had this much fun in ages. It was truly a day to remember. My heart was almost bursting yesterday (Saturday, August 20, 2011) when I met up with some of my blog readers at the Clinique counter at Rustan's Makati for an afternoon of chatting and beauty makeovers. It's really fun to get to know those that take their time to read my blog and at the same time learn about skin care and cosmetics from a brand that made it is mission to take care of women's skin needs.

So, what does exactly happen at a Clinique Party? :)

Take a look for yourself... maybe next time, you'd get to join one, too!

Try some of Clinique's world renowned skin care lines.

Get to know the skin care that you may need to battle skin problems.

Alice, Cynthia, Marge

Meet with really nice women who shares your love for anything beauty-related

Chat with newly-made friends about their interests aside from beauty.

Marge getting a makeover from Malou

Get a fabulous makeover from Clinique's highly-trained skincare care specialists.

Abigail and Marge

Lots and lots of photo ops. :) 

Get acquainted with Clinique's latest products, even those for men. :)

Marge Tan gets a makeover

Marge and Jheng goofing around

Snaps of funny photos from me!

Abigail consulating with Din about skin care

In depth skin consultation for your skin care needs.

Let Clinique tell you what exactly you need.

Mira of Clinique

See Mira of Clinique Philippines, in action.  Love how she can do everything!

Cynthia and Marge

Snaps of you after getting your makeover! Fabulous, ladies! Simply Fabulous!

Jheng, Cynthia, Marge and I

Marge, me and Abigail

I want!

Fall in love with Clinique's latest innovation, Repairwear Laser Focus!

Din in action!

Get some tips on how to do your own makeup!

Me, Michelle, Alice and Kei

Munch on wonderful snacks from Bizu!

Alice and Kei

April looking fab in her makeover. :)

Try and test makeup and more and more makeup!

Jane, me and April

Kei, me and Alice

April, Marge, Jane, Alice, Kei, Me and Cynthia

with BFF, Jheng.

Mira, Phoebe, Jheng and Me

Group picture!!

The inevitable group picture!

Thanks for this wonderful experience, Mira! I am so happy that you've given me, this blog and its readers a chance to get to know Clinique through this party. God bless you and Clinique Philippines. :)

Mira's beautiful smile is contagious!

Thanks to Clinique's skin care specialists Din, Angel and Malou. You were great!
Hope you get enough rest after such a fun crazy afternoon. :)

While the girls get on with their makeover, I couldn't help not to go around the Clinique counter and check out it's offerings. So many things I want!!

As for the ladies' makeovers, check out their blooming transformation!

Cynthia's Before and After

Alice's Before and After

Marge's Before and After

April's Before and After

Kei's Before and After

Jane's Before and After

Michelle's Before and After

Jheng's After and After! :) hehehe! (inside joke!)

It was pretty obvious that everyone enjoyed their Clinique makeovers! With so many different skin concerns, Clinique has managed to provide an answer to each one of them, putting a smile to every Shen's Addiction readers who made it to this party. Makeup is something that I find very important in my life. With Clinique, they have integrated skin care with cosmetics. Its dual purpose takes away the need to sacrifice our skin just so we can use makeup. How great is that, right?

Take for example their latest foundation, Derma White Bright C Liquid makeup with SPF 38/PA+++ that has lightening properties and prevents premature aging with it's Vitamin C. Derma White is also their skin care line that is formulated specifically for Asian Skin. And the fact that it's oil-free, mattifying and provides a high coverage but it being lightweight, was simply mind-blowing!

So amazed with this product that I bought one for myself! Along with my favorite Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin.

Clinique is a brand that I would call, no nonsense. They provide wide array of choices in cosmetics for every skin type. Whether you are oily, normal, or dry, Clinique has something for you. And like with skin care, Clinique gives the same brilliance in their cosmetic lines. No wonder their stocks are easily sold out.

And did you notice that Clinique doesn't have models/celebrities in their ads? It clearly shows the confidence they have in their products that it need not be backed up by a beautiful face or a big name.

Having been a Clinique user for more than a decade now, I can say that it's a right choice to switch to this brand that keeps its promise to give brilliant looking skin, no matter what age, no matter what skin type.

Should you want to know more about Clinique and their products, visit their facebook page and ask away! Better yet, visit the nearest Clinique counter and start consulting them about your skin needs.

More photos of the event at Shen's Addiction Facebook Page

I sincerely wish I had the means to create an event like this because I would love for an encore of this but with all of Shen's Addiction readers! A day of beauty, chitchats and what nots with you guys. :) Here's to wishful thinking! :)

Mira, thanks for this wonderful opportunity you gave to Shen's Addiction! This has got to be one of the best experience in my years of beauty blogging! More power to you and Clinique Philippines!!

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  1. looks like it was a very fun event indeed


  2. Wow this looked fun! Wish I could join in your future events and meet you in person Shen! :)

  3. thanks so much for the event, it was a blast ^_^

  4. Cynthia Dayco22/8/11 1:53 AM

    Thanks for letting us join in the fun!

  5. What a fun event! April's makeup is amazing!

  6. xcyanidebeauty22/8/11 11:39 AM

    I missed it :( hoping I can join on your next event!

  7. I love Jheng's after and after lol


  8. I like April's makeup the best.  Would there be another Clinique party?  I'd love to join!


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