Simply In Love with Simply Thai at Greenbelt 5

It was a pleasant afternoon when I started my day. I was eagerly anticipating the night because finally after a very long time, I'm going back again to my favorite restaurant in the city, Simply Thai! It's the newly opened Thai fusion restaurant by Ms. Cecile Chang-Ysmael of Thai at Silk. They serve the most amazing Thai dishes but with a twist to entice Filipino diners.

For me , Thai cuisine is like being wrapped in an egyptian cotton sheet. The moment I tasted the their Catfish Salad and got a sip of their Tom Yum soup, I was in food heaven. It was like a potent elixir that lifted all the blues away. Oh, did I have lots of crazy blues back then. But all of those went away with a bit of Moo ping and Thai Milk Tea.

That's why I am so happy to share this dinner with people who have the same love as I do for Thai cuisine.

I vow that the next ladies' night out with the girls will be at this fabulous bar of Simply Thai!

Simply the best drink/dessert/best partner to spicy food drink, Thai Milk Tea

I love the festive orchid on top of my oh-so delicious Thai Milk tea

Simply Thai's version of Pad Thai! Yummmy!

We all fell in love with Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Moo Ping, the only pork bbq that competed with my mom's!

I just had to order this again because the herbs and spices that melded with the pork was just phenomenal. Ever since I got acquainted to herbs and spices, I developed a love affair with them and made sure my food always have them. For lazy days, I hope that I can have Moo Ping all the time.

Chicken Pandan, we couldn't wait to unwrap these goodies!

Sophie ordered this one, although i would not have ordered this myself, I'm lucky to have friends who knows so much about Thai food! And this did not disappoint. I loved this chicken wrapped in pandan. It was so tasty and the meat just fell of the bones right.

Mieng Kham, a tasty treat for the more adventurous foodie like Sophie and Phoebe.
I have yet to summon the courage to eat veggies like this.

But it does look sumptuous... Now, I regret not eating it!
Bugger me and my phobia with veggies!

My favorite, Nam Prik Catfish Salad.
This by far is what made me fall for Simply Thai, a spoonful of this and I was in Thai heaven.
I think Thai cuisine is made for me! Yummyyy!!

Cecile's own twist to the popular traditional Thai Catfish. If I remember it correctly, this tasty treat is coated with sweet chili paste and mixed with almonds and fried basil. It's love at first bite! I love the regular one but this is by far, the best catfish salad I've tasted!

Winner of the night. The Lamb Shank Mussaman.
This is To. Die. For. The best. EVER.

Lamb is not an easy food to make, I was told. But Ms. Cecile could have fooled us with the number of Lamb Shank Mussaman coming out of her kitchen! That's because of the tasty curry goodness of the lamb and the crunchy noodles that came with it. It's like explosion of flavors in my mouth!

For dessert, Sticky Rice with Mango

Just the right sweetness. Just the right ending.

But of course, we still wanted more. I wanted more.

It was like a date I never want to end. If only I can order everything on the menu. Come to think of it, I've never been this way with any cuisine. Even with Filipino dishes, there is always something I will not like. But here in Simply Thai, everything on the menu makes me wish I have a credit card that doesn't have a limit. I want to try everything! I want a taste of Choo Chee Roti, Chicken Curry, Beef Randang, Pomelo Salad, Kung Sarong and more! Oh no, not a good idea to write about this at midnight... Now I'm craving Simply Thai all over again.

On my next visit, I will surely show you more from Simply Thai. I got a feeling, it's going to real soon. When you eat at Simply Thai, it's impossible not to catch the passion that Cecile has for the Thai cuisine. And impossible not to leave with a full stomach.

I really think I found my favorite cuisine ever. Well, aside from Filipino that is. :)

Simply Thai is located at Ground Level of Greenbelt 5

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  1. Those are some gorgeous food pics. The catfish salad looks so delicious! It's one of my favorite Thai dishes, too. :) Thanks for the review! ♥

  2. TheCityRoamer28/7/11 7:46 AM

    looks really delicious. simply thai is now part of my list. thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love thai food too.  The food looks delicious and I love thai tea. 

  4. Sayang I missed this dinner! :( But judging by the look of your photos, I know what to order na when I visit the resto :)

  5. Everything looked great! The vibe is specially good when you are spending it with your friends.


  6. I should try this soon. I love Thai food! Chicken Pandan, Pad Thai and Milk Tea. Looks so delicious. :)

  7. You are such a pretty girl, I just love to read your blog.

  8. everything looks delish!  thanks for sharing , i'd like to try everything! :)

  9. jamillacamel28/7/11 6:21 PM

    I am drooling over those pics! YUMMY!

  10. wah! you just made me hungry hehe.

  11. Super yummy! This post made me crave for Thai food!! :)

  12. U8ypinkcookies26/11/11 9:56 AM

    everything looks delish!


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