EOS: Refreshing Lip Balms in Passion Fruit & Strawberry Sorbet (Limited Edition Flavors)

I've been lemming for the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm for the longest time ever since I saw it on different international beauty blogs and even told my fellow beauty bloggers here in the Philippines. How great it is that I can get it now here in the Philippines through Sol's shop Digital Traincase. Oh how I love online shops and pre-ordering!

Do you know that Eos is the Greek name for the Titan Goddess of Dawn that rose from Oceanus to help her brother, Helios, ride off through the sky? I looked up EOS on google and I was surprised with the coincidence that Eos lives in the ocean and Dawn being a representation of night time when the moon appears. How closely EOS lip balm resembles it as it provides moisture for smoother lips and its shaped spherically like the moon. Cool, right? Although I think I'm just putting a meaning into something that is totally unrelated. Hehehe!

How adorable that it comes in this unique egg-shaped form with a plastic-matte finish! It is beyond smooth! And they smell oh so darn good! Glad that I got the Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit because they taste so yummy! Yup!

And the fact that it has the following qualities only made this cool lip balm the bomb! (get it? balm, bomb? hehehe! am i excited or what!)
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Shea butter & vitamin E
  • Smoothes on clear
  • New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips
  • Twist-off top
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Petrolatum-free
  • Phthalate-free

I personally am not an all-organic person (i believe in the science of chemicals and how it makes life easier) but knowing that this is 95% organic and 100% natural gives that sigh of relief in me for some reason. I'm sure many health-conscious peeps and mommies out there would love this!

And do you that the famous Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl, uses this one as well?

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EOS Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet makes me think of Barbies and girly things. I'm sure I'll be fighting over this with my nieces if ever they see this. It's tres chic!
EOS Passion Fruit

The Passion Fruit lip balm makes me think of childhood and Polly Pockets. Tastes really nice!!

Look when I changed their caps. :) Cute!

I honestly can't think of a bad thing about th EOS lip balm. It's has the right amount of balm that goes on to my lips, without the the thick feel. It just glides on very smoothly. It lasts a long time too so it will be awhile before I hoard on more. Staying power last til your next sip of drink and bite of food like most lip balm. But I really can't get over how fun the packing is! :)

This set of two Limited Edition EOS lip balm is only Php550!! While if you choose just one from the original flavors, the price is only Php250! How affordable right? And you don't even have to go to mall just to get it. Save on gas (grr.. hate driving!)

Get one for yourself. So far, Sol, I think have the most affordable price out there and she has stocks on it, too. Order from the Digital Traincase Facebook Account. All the variants on hand are on the photo album. And since Sol also do pre-orders, you can get more stuff from her that are not availble her in the Philippines.

Obviously, I'm very happy with my Limited Edition EOS Lip Balms! I'm sure you can feel it through your computer/laptop/phone screen! Lol!

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  1. hi shen, just want to mention/explain why this is a bit expensive than the regular ones. This limited edition duo pack was exclusively released at Target.com, we didn't have any option where to get it, so there comes tax, a fee for using someone else's US credit card since Target doesn't accept international cc, etc etc. 

    anyway, thanks for the review, and i always like how your pictures turn out. 

  2. oh my! this is uber cute!!!! and i like it when you change the caps, hihihi....so cool too that ed westwick also uses this...i've been reading a lot of raves about this product, i'm thinking of getting this! :) thanks for the review and for the tip on where to get it!

  3. ang cute when you interchanged the cap! SUPER GIRLASH!!!!

  4. Thanks for the review, the packaging is adorable.  Everybody loves this so I really need to try EOS.

  5. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)

  6. EOS stands for evolution of smooth.


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