The Body Shop-ping at NAIA Terminal 3

My friend, Sarah's flight was delayed on the way back to Manila and we had to stay at the restaurant area of NAIA Terminal 3 and wait for her (We had some of her check in luggages). When I saw that they have a few stores that sell cosmetics, I couldn't resist. After having our early dinner at Pancake House (ordered my fave, Kiddie Spaghetti meal. Lol!) and playing the waiting game at Kopi Roti, I went ahead and excused myself from chikahan and finally see what they have in store for shopaholics like me!

They had Maybelline comsetics there from the US like Colossal and Lash Stiletto mascaras and satin foundations. L'oreal, too! But I was on a look out for a nice compact powder and there it was on sale at the Body Shop!! Sorry, no photos... was scared of security personnel stopping me from taking photos. You know how anal airport security can be. 

I really love many things at The Body Shop, their baked eye shadows, bronzers, lipsticks, brushes and concealers are TO DIE FOR! That's just the makeup, don't get me started on their skin care and bath and body products. Unfortunately, I couldn't haul for everything I want so I settled for two important things that I needed. 

mini reviews and face shots after the jump. :)

The SA there was very helpful and was not at all pushy in selling. But she did point out several items I thought of getting soon. Oh if only I have all the money in the world.. Sigh! But I certainly made good of the barely 15 minutes I had (Sarah's plane already landed).

I came, I saw, and bought these two products, the All In One Face Base and Concealer Pencil!! Yahooooo! Had to sneak them in my bag because my friends were on to me on my spending habits. LOL!

When SA mentioned that the compact powders were on sale, I asked her what's the best for very very oily T-zone and she directed me to the All-in-One Face Base. She said that this is their best compact foundation for oily skin.

My Mini Review:

It is indeed intended for oily skin
Provides fabulous pore coverage
Finely milled powder with flawless effect
Has smooth finish
Do not cake on my uber oily skin
Staying power is just so-so
the face sponge is LOVE!

Result: This is my newly retouched face


I had to get the Concealer Pencil since my old was a few shades darker already. It was one of the first concealer I bought. The consistency provides enough coverage for blemishes back when I had to cover a lot of pimples but also use it for the under eyes because it stays put more than my creamy concealers.

Now, I don't advise you applying the Concealer Pencil directly to your under eye skin. This concealer is sort of hard and could tug the soft skin. Remember that tugging is a no-no on that part. Simply warm the product on your fingers and use your ring fingers to softly apply it. What is shade the pencil on to my ring fingers, warm it up by rubbing it with my thumb and gently apply and blend it on to my under eyes. Then, set it with the All In One Face Base powder.

This Concealer Pencil effectively covers my blemishes, dark circles and stays on longer than creamy concealer.

Oh how I wish everyday is Body Shop-ping day. :)

It's still SALE at The Body Shop! Better get your shopping fix there now! :)

Detailed reviews to follow for the All In One Face Base in 05 and Concealer Pencil in 02. :) Need to use it a few times, of course!!


On a more personal note:

I've been extremely bipolar lately with the things happening in my life. I'm excited with a few things but scared to actually venture out again. And although I'm typically ready to tell you everything that is happening to me... there are just some things that I try to keep to myself. Been going through a lot with all the changes that I want to happen in my life... But at as always, challenges just keeps on coming and negativity is starting to pile up...

But I'm glad that even with all through these, I have friends who support and try to provide me the strength that's been lacking lately. I'm blessed to have people who never stop believing in me. And I blessed because I have this blog and through this blog... well, I have you. You reading or checking out what I have to say slowly gives me back the confidence that's been eluding me...

Okay, enough of the drama! :) Til tomorrow!

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  1. ScatterbrainAdventures21/7/11 6:26 AM

    I heard their liquid foundation is good too.

  2. can't wait for your reviews miss shen!  i've been eyeing that concealer for months and i still cannot decide whether to get it or not....

    awww, kaya mo yan miss shen!  you're a strong person....and besides, we are here to support you! :)

  3. Hi Shen, sorry about the drama in your life.  Glad you have friends to provide you with positive support.  I hope it gets better for you whatever it is.

    Thanks for sharing about the Body Shop products.  Yep, I would be afraid to take pictures too with airport security.  The compact sounds great!  I need something to tame my  oily skin.

  4. Aawww on the drama, sis alam mong lahat ng tao dumadaan niyan! Ako super dumaan niyan and I survived! so for sure ikaw din!!!!

    On the lighter night, crush ko yang TBS Concealer stick! :)

  5. I love love love TBS! The concealer pencil looks really useful, must get it next time I shop there.

    I'm sorry about the drama you're going through. Here's hoping things get better soon. Your friends support you, and your readers support you -- we know you'll make it through. :)

  6. more often than not, "drama" of life is what makes us stronger so keep the faith and hold on tight sis. remember, tough situations don't last, tough people do. you'll make it, you'll see. ^_^

    the TBS concealer stick looks neat and cute - just like a kid's crayon hehe.

  7. hello..what brand and shade of the lipstick you used in the above picture..?thnks :-)

  8. Thanks so much sis for those words. :)

  9. the powder looks good. my friend uses that same concealer pencil, and it seems to be good too and reasonably priced :)

  10. Eclm_tinampay22/7/11 3:56 PM

    thnks for replying, shen..:-),,,but kinda sad....MAC products here in singapore are more expensive than in phil...:-(

  11. I looove their face base. I'd repurchase it if I didn't have so much foundation to finish!


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