Beauty from Within: Belo Nutraceuticals Gluthatione + Collagen Dietary Supplement

Even with the typhoons coming in and casting dark clouds over my days, I'm constantly exposed to the sun in the morning when I'm driving or commuting. Despite a strict routine of sunblock and facial, I know there's more out there that can harm my skin. Hello! I'm not getting any younger and getting a career at this age will surely take its toll on me.

Then I found Belo Gluthathione + Collagen. I plan on maintaining the fairness I got from my Pond's Flawless White regimen and the Obagi TRUpeel I undergone the past months. My skin never looked this good, I can tell you this much. Unfortunately, not everything is permanent. After the Obagi TRUpeel, my face literally lessened oil production! I was shocked to know that I can go out without having to check the mirror all the time if I need to retouch. My oiliness is almost nonexsistent! Seriously, no kidding..

But now that my face isn't that oily anymore and my skin feels tighter, I'm scared of wrinkles. Upon seeing the word Collagen on Belo Gluthatione supplement, I immediately wanted to try it out. With further research, I notice that many opt for Belo (despite for its high price tag compared to other Glutha supplements) is because of its anti-aging properties.

It's a Two-in-One product

Again, I stress on double duty products because this is where we actually get to save money.

What are the positives?

With the online research I did, I found more things that made me more convinced to try this out.

It has a good dosage of Vitamin C called Arcorbates, the non-hyperacidity Vitamin C. I'm drinking multivitamins now that I'm older and there's certainly nothing with the extra in my system. As you all know, Vitamin C helps the skin glow because it's rich in anti-oxidants.

You can take this without having a meal. I read the recommend time is to take it in the morning because our gluth level is lower during this time.

And I only need to take 2 pills a day as overdosing it may cause disruption of my body's ability to make its own gluthatione.

And it comes in packs like this for when I'm low on budget.

Environmental Stress speed up aging.

I know I'm becoming vainer as the say goes by and I do hope you don't mind. But I do love the fact that this is a whitening and anti-aging combined product. After all, this is but the right time to take anything anti-aging... Despite the fact that I want to age without help with skin care, I can't... The odds aren't in my favor with the frequent exposure to the sun, heat and pollution... all of which speeds up the aging process. And I can't very well stop my daily activities and stay indoors. What would happen to my life, right?


As much as I want to recommend this to everyone, I can't. Pregnant women are not advised to take this in the course of their pregnancy. Younger girls, I don't recommend because their body isn't fully developed yet and for those who may have certain allergies with products that need to be ingested.

But for women who are used to taking beauty supplement, this is something you might want to look into. :)

I get my Belo Gluthathione + Collagen supplements as Watson's SM Megamall or SM Hypermart (well, all Watson's Store!) The biggest (60 pills) cost Php2,700. The packs (which I recommend first), cost Php480.

Hmm.. Now I'm thinking if I should buy the Belo diet capsules too! :) Hehehe!

 Have you ever tired any gluthatione supplements? How was it?

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  1. Cool! I've been wondering about this. However, I'm very scared of supplements, because I don't want to damage my kidney over time. Maybe I'll try the small pack first :D Thanks!

  2. I feel iffy about taking pills cause it scares me! LOL

  3. its just a supplement so there's really no harm. :)

  4. Yup. That's a good idea. But I've been taking supplements since I was young. But in moderation of course. :)

  5. Hi Shen! Are you still popping this pills? :D any side effects? 

  6. Hi how many days should i take this to see the result? And can i take this already? Im about 17 years old. Need rply.

  7. Hai, i really wanted to try any whitening products. But i am so afraid by its bad effects. Can these cause headaches? I'm in search of whitening here that doesn't cause headache. I hate headaches.


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