NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow (Photos, Swatches, FOTD)

On the NARS event I went to last month, I got to take home with me the NARS Calanque Trio Eyeshadow from their latest collection. It's like a baked eyeshadow trio melded together to create a certain gradation.

The first and largest shade is describe as  gold infused with silver flecks. This shade actually reminds me of Polyester Bride from Urban Decay. Good thing NARS described it as flecks.. Was it hard to work with? Well not so much as I've used only a bit to highlight my brow when I used it on an FOTD I did (See below photos). It may have fall outs but I love how easy it was to blend.

Second shade is a light matte caramel but it did some off as a bit satin for me though. I do love this shade as it makes a great base for my eyes as it's almost the same shade but gives that smooth satiny effect. It'll make a good highlighter for a more morena skin though.

The third and darkest shade is described as rich antique bronze infused with gold. It honestly looked greenish to me but upon swatching, you can definitely see the marriage between the bronze and gold which gives quite a unique shade.

Although the largest shadow was quite hard to work with, this palette gives a nice smokey look that quite reminds me of the girls of Pretty Little Liars. :)

Overall, I like this palette but unless you have several palettes that contains similar shades then you can skip this one. But if not, then grab this one. I heard Spring 2011 collection of NARS is almost running out. Better grab one now before it's too late. :)

So, what do you think? Do you think I should keep this trio eyeshadow in my kikay kit?

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  1. wow that's a pretty nude palette! ;)

  2. i like the dark gold shade! nicely done on the makeup, too. i might try nars products soon. thanks for sharing!

  3. awww, if only it was pressed better, it would look better than your run of the mill elf studio line ;-) looks good on you, though

  4. This is a really great palette, looks really good on you! Love the neutral shades.:)


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