Product Review: In2It Balloon Brush Mascara (a Possible Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Step Sister)

Look what I found while I was trying hard not to buy anything as I pass by the beauty department of SM Department Store as I make my way to the valet and collect my car. It's the In2it Balloon Brush Mascara! Oh my wandering eyes, how you get me into trouble sometimes. :)

Of course, I quickly asked the SA for tube and no questions asked, I immediately paid for it. Didn't even bother looking if they have a tester. I was dead set on taking one home with me.

Get this, it's only like Php249 or 299! Super affordable!

Well, it's a very small mascara really and the price really is appropriate. It's not really the typical mascara tube available out there. It is even smaller compared to my other lipgloss... almost have the same size as my lipstick and it's very thin.

But that's not the reason why I'm raving about this cute anorexic mascara. It's like my Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara that cost about a thousand bucks! O di ba? I know that L'oreal USA came up with something similar to that but it's not yet released here. So when I saw this one, I got really excited.

no mascara lashes

with two coats of In2it Baloon Mascara

Results are definitely good. The unique wand allows me to coat each lashes carefully and make sure that they are well separated. It's amazing how one coat instantly shows result. And at second coating, there was hardly any clumping.

Using a wand like this may cause a bit of intimidation. Some people think that they might poke their eyes, but the spikes of this Balloon brush is very soft and made of either a latex or plastic that it won't hurt your eyes should you accidentally poke it. 

I highly remind this for those who have thinner and shorter lashes since it gets to every lashes, nooks and crannies and coats it evenly. What I did once was just concentrate on the mid lashes and it definitely gaves that longer lashes look without it looking like fan. It did make my eyes appear brighter and more wide awake.

You'll definitely need some getting use to especially if you're not a mascara person. But I think this is a good place to start when you want your mascara cherry pop. I think that when you get your grip on a mascara like this, all mascaras will be easy to use.

You just have to be care not to wiggle it to much as you would a regular mascara wand. What you want to do is just drag the spike slowly along your lashes from bottom to the tips using the top mascara the mascara. Drag the sides of the mascara along the top part of your lashes to thicken and lengthen it and you'll get a very clean, lengthy and natural-looking volumized lashes.

And it doesn't take long for this to dry... be careful not to overcoat your lashes as it can get clumpy.

I love that I can ran it seamlessly on the edge lashes and makes sure that everything is coated.

Below you'll find a comparison between Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara and In2it Balloon Brush Mascara. You'll notice that of course, Givenchy's is a bit more sophisticated and a lot more unique. I can't deny the lengthening power of this mascara and can't even compare it in performance with the Balloon Mascara of In2it. But In2it certainly has a potential. After all, we don't have Givenchy cosmetics here, so this is like the next best thing in experiencing a unique product like this.

If you've been wanting to get your hands on the Phenomen'eyes but could never justify the price or the long wait to pre-order it, then I suggest you grab In2it Balloon Brush mascara. It certainly is worth the money I paid for it. It's not a super super duper fabulous mascara but it does the job and the application is certainly fun and new. It provides a decent result, gives lengthening, no clumping and has that volumizing effect, too.

And all that for not more than Php300!
Hahaha! I sound like an informercial. But really, if you're as eager as I am to try something new... then this product is definitely it. :)

Have you tried this? If you did, share your thought on the comment box! Would like to know if any of you have tried it and if I was just late with the release of this one. Hehehe!!

No April Fool's Day please! I'm very pikon so I hate pranks. Hehehe!!

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  1. hehehe this thing is nice especially if my lashes cooperate and don't crisscross on top of each other and end up looky lumpy after applying the mascara LMAO

  2. I've been looking for this but I've never found it! Must look around some more. :)

  3. Oh no. Eye torture balls! :P Givenchy's packaging is more classy but In2It's is fun and girly. :P

    I'm mighty scared to try those torture balls as I always poke my eye with just a regular mascara brush. I can't imagine poking my eyes with these balls. Nice review, Shen. :)

  4. Pammy, thanks for that! It's easy to use. :) curl lashes to avoid poking you eyeballs. seriously, it's easy to get to used to this. :)

  5. asked the SA. :) I'm sure they have one. I got mine at SM Megamall. :)

  6. does that happen to you with all mascaras? so far whenever I get my lashes permed, all of them cooperate. :)

  7. wow yey for this..been looking for an affordable masskara to try... :) am a make up noob so i dont wanna buy something pricey muna... try try muna. :D

    thanks shen. :)

  8. I am fond of mascara i will check this out ..

  9. valerie joy cabance1/4/11 1:08 PM

    in2it is starting to be on the spot light! dami ko nang naririnig na good products from their brand.

  10. I will definitely pick this up once I'm done with my two other mascaras! LOL

  11. thanks for sharing shen! i might just get 1 for myself!

  12. i love how this mascara coat my lashes,really turns my peepers dramatically beautiful.It's like having an eyelash extension. No smudges too.


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