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OOTD: Promod Skinny Gray Jeans


Promod Top; Promod Jeans; Parisian Shoes, Aldo Bag; 
Pashmina Shawl (gift from Alma)

I'm not really into jeans since I started gaining weight. But what the heck! This pair fits me like a glove and it makes me look slimmer than I really am. Thanks to Tara who had a good eye when everything around us was so chaotic that even with a drink in tow, she managed to grab a real nice jeans. :) Elaine and I, seduced with how it complimented the svelte Tara, each grab a pair, too.

Promod's Denim Bar

Jeans have revolutionized women over the century and I think it speaks of freedom and independence. Imagine how taboo it was to wear trousers or pants before. But now, it's practically in every women's closet. :)

Promod's Denim Bar

Boy, am I glad to be born in a world that women have more freedom... and not just about clothing. :)

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  1. Wow shen u look so sexy! Doeant look like u gained any weight at all. Im loving thkse jeans and shoes!

    My mum says promod jeans are really great esp for tall women. They flatter the legs. Its her fave pair. N now seeing u in their jeans, hmm i must visit them and check out their selection soon! Esp simce i normally wear jeans! ;)

  2. looking great in those jeans! =)

  3. Ang sexy mo lang, partner! And I'm so happy to have the same pair as you do. Mwah!

  4. Shen I saw this at Promod. Nice nga! You look slimmer!

  5. major enabler ka! :) you look so good in it, all us needed to get it too! :)


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