Luxury Sundays: Acca Kappa Brush for My Locks

I realized that in a year, I pay thousands and thousands of pesos for hair cut, rebonding, styling, treatments and blow dry. Not to mention the shampoos, conditioners, intensive conditioner, hair styling products and serums for the upkeep of my hair's daily needs.

And yet, I still comb my hair with the same crappy comb and brush I used when I was still in school. I think it's high time I give my hair another spoiling and I'm getting it from an Acca Kappa hair brush...

The infamous Pneumatic Brush in Plastic with Nylon and Wildboar Brush.

I learned during the re-launch of Acca Kappa brush at Emphasis Salon that Acca Kappa uses wildboar hair in some of their brushes as it's the only hair that attracts the natural oil from our hair and evenly distributes it for a conditioning effect. Acca Kappa has been making brushes for 1869 and their brushes are used by the Royal Family. For someone who have a fascination for anything Regent, you can't imagine how excited I am to finally get to use a brush that a King and Queen uses!
Acca Kappa brushes are indeed very luxurious and all made with precision and quality. Every brush has a purpose but all of their hair care brushes and comb are made with ensuring that the hair come out as it really should, your crowning glory.

For good 2 or 3 hours, we were treated to some hair styling by the very skilled people of Emphasis Salon.

I came home with this baby!

Pneumatic Brush in Plastic With Nylon And Wildboar Bristles made with Kotibe Wood

Pneumatic Paddle Brush in Kotibe Wood with Heat Resist Nylon Pins

 Frances and Nicole of OK! Magazine

Denise of Business Mirror and Cherry of Manila Bulletin

When I got home, I can't help but do the 100 brush strokes in front of the mirror and pretend like I'm Marie Antoinette. :) And the thing is, the wildboar and nylon hair brush is only Php895! For the finest quality wooden hand-polished brush that will last you decades, I think you're getting more than our money's worth..

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  1. Njillianangangco3/4/11 2:12 PM

    You all look so pretty! :-)

  2. I never really thought about the brushes I use for my hair@ Great post! :D

  3. ahhh those brushes look so nice!
    check out all those gorgeous hairstyles! love it.


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