Kate did her own wedding makeup

Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge, did her own makeup! Hard to imagine but yes! And she did it beautifully! Anybody who would follow in her footstep will need to up the ante. :)

She went for a soft natural bronzed look, accentuating her eyes and brows. She complimented her smooth tanned face with a bronzer and highlighted the highest planes of her cheeks perfectly. Her blush seem oh so natural just like her lips.

My thoughts were she probably knew the best what makeup look that would suit her and what Prince William would like. She probably didn't want to look too different on her wedding day...

Overall, I truly admire her bravado for doing her own makeup. Proving everyone that she's indeed a future Princess of the People.

Word has it she was mentored by London's top makeup artist.

How about you? Would you do your own makeup on your wedding?

I wonder if she used airbrush or traditional makeup application for her foundation... Hmmm.. :)

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  1. wow, thats great! But i was looking for something more on her make-up...like glowing skin I guess? But indeed she looks great.

  2. Some snotty journalists wrote that she had too much mascara and that doing her own make-up was a risk. I don't think so. She really looked lovely (almost resembling Lynda Carter).

    Oh and...well, yung cake lang talaga habol ko sa royal wedding na ito. Haha!

  3. angelamhiere1/5/11 8:23 PM

    I think she did a good job in doing her own make-up... ^__^

    In my case, well, I will be doing my own wedding make-up this August... Nakakapressure, but I hope to do it well!!! ^__^

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