Event: Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer Collection 2011

I was very tardy for the event that I caught only the raffle. :( Too bad! Long summer dresses are definitely the fad this season and in colors that are unexpected. I especially like the one Bianca Valerio was wearing that night.

I love the 70's vibe from the colors of the clothes, shoes and even the makeup concept. More colors are definitely Marc's peg for the year and though I'm not one to incorporate too much color in my summer style, this is making me rethink my style decisions. I would definitely go for prints and color blocking this summer, donning a big hat and a flower chocker to match. :) If only I would lose this unwanted 20 lbs.

Although I'm much more of the 60's gal, I guess it being sisters with the 70's has its perks. Seventies seem so much fun with the Studio 54, velvet ropes, dark lipsticks and flowing silk dresses. What do you think?

Bianca Valerio
Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 collection
Isabel Roces

Of course, allow me to drool on the bags. I've always wanted a Stam bag ever since I saw it released a few years back. I love the quilt design, the gold hardware and the snap closure. It's my dream bag.. Sigh!

I will own you soon! I will own you soon!

I just love this bag! It's so tiny and costs more than a LV Speedy 30!

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  1. bags are sooo pretty!

  2. the bags are gorgeous.. the pink is ones are soo pretty

  3. OMG I love the pink bag!

  4. The purses are gorgeous!!!

  5. The Beauty Junkee26/9/11 5:36 PM

    Pareho tayo ng lemming! Hahaha. Stam Bag, humanda ka sa amin ni Shen! :D


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