PROMOD's Denim Bar

Promod just launched their Denim Bar which consist of their very well-made, stylish, comfortable jeans! I'm quite apprehensive when it comes to jeans. I really am. It makes me feel a lot smaller and I do hate those unsightly muffin top. I am very conscious whenever I wear jeans and that's then reason why I scarcely wear them.

Great thing that Promod have a great selection of jeans!! How did I know? Aside from owning a pair myself, Teeyah and I went ahead and tried the denims (thanks to Louie for encouraging us!). Teeyah had her eyes set on a gray jeans while I took whatever the SA recommended me. It was a surprise to know that I am a medium at Promod! Elaine of OK! Magazine fitted the gray one as well and after seeing her and Teeyah in it, I immediately grabbed one as well! Talk about, denim-envy. lol!

Elaine, Lauren, Me and Teeyah.

Funny how the three of us (Elaine, Teeyah and I) weren't much the type to wear jeans... but Promod's changed that. :) Lauren, however, coudln't resist the bunny dress. :) I'm sure she'll soon get around buying a pair like us. Hehehe! Trixie of and Liz, fellow beauty blogger, also nabbed the flattering dark denims that will surely make their stems more gorgeous than it already is. :)

But I know you're eager to find out what's in store for you!! It's finally time for you to find that je ne sai quoi about you!





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Funny thing is, I bought the jeans because I barely have decent ones at home and I'm running out of stuff to wear for mass. But the jeans I wore could definitely get me to mass, dinner, coffee and clubbing and... easy as that. I forgot how jeans changed the history of fashion for women. And though I am still the girl who will always want a dress, the power of a pair of denim is really undeniable... It's unbelievably versatile and I love how simple and yet how great to accessorize when one is wearing jeans. And yes, I do love my new pair of jeans!

So, hurry up! Promod is having a promo that you'll get a Php200 voucher whenever you buy a pair of jeans at Promod's Denim Bar!

Promod is located at Greenbelt 5 and SM Megamall (Building B)

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  1. What's the price range for these jeans? They look great. You should post photos of yourself in one of these! :D

  2. I loooove their shooorts!!!!

    These look great! Will see if I could check these out. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Louella Scott15/3/11 1:55 PM

    Hi Shen. Thanks for this! I'm glad you love PROMOD jeans as much as we do!

  4. Louella_scott15/3/11 1:56 PM

    the jeans of PROMOD are affordable from P1995 and up


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