Last Thursday: Window PENSHOPPEing

Just right before the girls and I met up for Pond's, Lace invited me along with two more bloggers to visit Penshoppe. We toured the place and I was amazed with the stuff that I saw. A lot of the things I saw there were very much a lot of the things I typically wear everyday. And at very affordable prices, if I may add.

Penshoppe's been here for years and it seem as if that they are not  going anywhere. They are still a big hit even when international brands came over and it's for a reason. Their  clothes are very versatile and I can't believe it took me this long to visit them again...

Probably because I feel like the clothes in Penshoppe are for highschool and college students. The clothes seem young for my maturing taste. But I was proven wrong when I saw some real nice pieces that are really something I would wear now, everyday. There are very fashionable dresses, pants that hugs the body, statement shirts that aren't too cutesy, outerwear that is just right for our weather.

Best of all, they have tons of nice wallets and selection of flats!!

Their swimsuit collection is out too! Bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately! How fab is that! :)

There's a lot of things for the men, too!

To be honest, I didn't just window shop. I got a new gold flats that is so comfy! I just love it! And it's just like 525! :) Fab, right? :) Sorry too busy this week that I don't have time to take pic of it but the photo is right up there along with the other flats pics. :)

Will be conducting a contest for Penshoppe! :) Two contest for this month!! :) how fun this is going to be!! :)

But if you can't wait for my contest and want to get some of the stuff shown above, then head on to your nearest Penshoppe store! :)

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  1. Wow. I haven't been to Penshoppe in a LONG time! Will definitely revisit. :D

  2. The floral flats are so pretty!
    The last time I went inside Penshoppe was in high school..and that was 8 years ago.Will drop by for those yummy flats.

  3. I haven't been back in Penshoppe for ages too! I like the floral sandals, calling my name yang may ribbons na yan :D

  4. wow. the shoes kinda look like the ones from rubi shoes! def going there this week. thanks shen!


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