Cozy Nail Lounge at Libis QC

When I got the invite to see what Cozy Nail Lounge had in store, I was surprise to know that brains behind this nail spa is the one behind the most popular waxing salon in the Metro, Lay Bare. Michelle offered me an afternoon of Cozy Nail Lounge Manicure with upgraded Papaya Rice Scrub and the famous Mojito Foot Scrub Package. How princess-y did I feel? A lot!

Waiting area was simple and isn't intrusive to those getting their mani/pedi's which is a plus for me. Don't want people gawking while my dry skins' are getting extracted. lol!

Getting a free mani/pedi for review may cause people to think I'm biased but these paying customers seem very happy with their nails after. One girl even commented on going back soon.

I sat at the far end of the nail salon which overlook the rest of the nail salon. But there's a curtain that can part the area for a bit more privacy. I love the lazy boy feel of the lounge. :)

And boy do I love their ginger tea!! I think I had 3 small cups. I want a tumbler of it!!

 Getting ready!! :)

Gem started me with the Mojito Foot Mask which she says is a lot more effective than soaking my feet on those bubbling machine. It will effectively

She makes sure that the mask is closed and snug around my feet.

She left the masked covered with towel for about 15 minutes.

Each foot mask comes with their own foot file and discarded after. How hygienic, right? Gem told me that the foot mask acts like a peel mask and my feet will continue peeling until dead skin are gone. And it did! My soles were peeling for days and it was love! My feet never felt this smoother in a long time.

My pedicure was simple and no fuss. Gem pretty much know what she's doing and she asks questions that she needed like if I let the skin around my nails get cut, or what shape I want for my toes and if she should still cut or just file my nails. Important questions that every manicurist should ask.

Next our my hands and Gem applied the Papaya Rice Scrub from Malaysia which dries into a powdery finish. The scrub didn't feel too hard on the skin and I love how it felt and smelled, too. :)

Results are smooth supple hands

I chose Orly's Coffee Break nail polish for a bit of mature sophistication for both my hands and feet.

And tons of nail colors to choose from! :)

I should have brought home with me a tub of that Papa Rice Scrub and some Massage oils! They are smell great!

I really like Cozy Nail Lounge, the location is best for those living in Libis Area and hates going inside the mall. And if you're a multi-tasker like me, you can get your waxing done then your mani/pedi's and then a massage.

Cozy Nail Lounge has a Facebook page, visit them for questions you may have. :)

Mojito Foot Scrub Package - Php510
Cozy Nail Lounge Spa Manicure with Upgraded Scrub - Php420

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  1. *sigh* I am so craving for pampering sessions! I wish I'll have one soon!

  2. valerie joy cabance23/3/11 10:37 AM

    kainggit!!! do they have a branch sa mall? or dyan lang sa libis?

  3. pampering my body in the spa is my only luxury in life. Your feature instantly got my interest. Will drop by cozy nail sometime next week.

    Btw, did you know that is going to offer huge discounts for their dermatological and cosmetic surgery services on next week?

    This is really exciting news! I do hope you guys can check it out. Go buy some vouchers to give as gifts to friends and family who are graduating soon! :D


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