Chicer Chocolate Clothing Co., Trinoma Mall

If I were a fashion editor, I would make a spread devoting it to the store of the newly revamped-under-new-management Chocolate Clothing Co. When I was in college, which wasn't so long ago really, Chocolate (as we fondly call it) is one place I always frequent. Not so much to buy since I really can't afford anything in the store with my college allowance, but to admire every piece and to someday find a way that I could finally get myself something from this fabulous store...

And I think that day came when I got an invite to launch of Chocolate Clothing Co. under a new management. Apparently, many people doesn't know that this fab store is Filipino-owned and most of the clothes sold (aside from those with foreign brands) are actually made here in the Philippines! I didn't know know that but what a sweet surprise, right? All this time I though it's an international brand. Hehehe!

The new Chocolate Clothing store is now owned by Finina Tugade and she has taken this store to the next level. It's amazing how the Interior Designer manage to turn this once almost surfer-chic store into a really chic one. Reminds me of Paris, French Macaroons and modern Marie Antoinette.

The placing of the accessories are quite ingenius and the accents are have a very romantic appeal in them. I was especially attached to the saewing machine turned table and the faux rose encased in a bell-like glass. Doesn't that one remind you of the rose in Walt Disney's Beauty and Beast?

I admit that I was first attracted with the interiors when I first entered the store. Every detail was so eye-catching. Really nice-looking accessories are expretly placed around the store, seemingly inviting you to do the same for your own room. Too bad, I live with a guy who's not into frilly things.

Then, after oohing and ahhing at the interior, my eyes feasted on the Australian brands of clothing that Finina specifically chose to showcase in her store. Sass, Fate and Lolita which have pieces screaming from my other personalities. Grab is still available around the store which I've read good reviews about when it comes to their denims, shorts and minis.

Feast your eyes out at some real close-up shots of what caught my fancy while I toured Chocolate Clothing Co. inside the massive Trinoma Mall.

above photos are designed by Finina, she mentioned that all of these are made in our beautiful country but the fabrics are outsourced from abroad. She believes in the talent of Filipina women when it comes to sewing and that we have the best sewers in the world. She only hope that someday our country will have more fabric options that are of good international quality.

Here are some pieces from the Australian brands such as Fate and Lolita.

These comfy flats, we're told were a hit and is almost always sold out.

The belts are unique ones that I hardly see in other stores I frequent. Must have if I say so, myself.

Their bags are equally stylish. Too bad I wasn't able to take much photos of it.

Their fabric spritz are something to check out as well.

I really enjoyed the I did around Chocolate. It's really a nice place to bring friends for a shopping expeditions. It's really a very impressive store with tons to offer.

I wasn't alone in touring the newly revamped Chocolate store. Check out who else was there with me. :)

   Alex of Relunctant Stylista, Kira of Elegantly Wasted

 Celine Gabriel, the fabulous host of the night!

 Finina Tugade, bronze goddess owner of Chocolate Clothing Co.

 Elaine Carag of Chalk, Aiza of Drowning Equilibrium and Gela of Boat Ride in the Sky

Thanks to Jenny for inviting me!!

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  1. love it! i will visit the store when i get the chance to go to trinoma!

  2. Kim rodriguez29/3/11 11:41 AM

    Is there a branch at Megamall already Shen? Looks nice

  3. Honey Andrade29/3/11 12:47 PM

    It was nice meeting you!! That's me wearing the green sheer blouse.. :) I was with Aie Corpuz of :)

    Honey Andrade (Somnium et Vita)

  4. Loooooove the interiors!

  5. Wow, I was actually there on the day of the event.. I saw the whole setup and everything. I just didn't know what it was for. I guess for this! I did see the store and it looked gorgeous :)


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