A Beauty Experiment: Jheng and Shen on Pond's Flawless White Challenge

I've always considered me and Jheng aka Brigitte/Iamsutil like two peas in a pod. Quite the sisters from a different mother. We love and fight like sisters, too! That's why when Pond's asked us to bring a friend for the Pond's Flawless White Challenge.. Jheng and I immediately thought to team up! Why wouldn't we? We both love anything beauty-related and we practically think alike!

Pepper Lunch, 2008
Pond's Event with the Usual Suspects, 2008

Pond's Event, 2008

Carl's Jr, 2008 (majorly goofing around!)

MAC Counter, 2008 (eager anticipating the end result!)

Event, 2009 (with the Usual Suspects)

Ice Watch Event, 2010 (with the Usual Suspects)

Trying the Pond's Flawless White skin care was really a feat for us both since we're known to use quite expensive skin care brands and dermatologist prescribed regimen forwe both suffer  from acne and pigmentation. Not to mention the anti-aging and eye creams that seriously puts a dent in our pockets.

But all those things flew right out off the window when we both decided to exclusively use Pond's Flawless White. We took on the challenge using only this brand of skin care to see if Flawless White is indeed the Unbeaten Whitening product! 

Did we have the Beauty Blogger's Dilemma? Of course we did! Trying something new is always hard. You're unsure of what's going to happen. And like in life, we tend to stay with the familiar. But being a devoted beauty blogger (taking my cue from Jheng), here I am wading through uncharted waters. Thankfully, with a friend beside me.

So... how exactly did our challenge go?

We're on our first week and I still want to keep you guys excited...  Let's just say that it's been really fun, especially when you get to share it with a friend who knows you inside and out! I love how it feels like Jheng and I are doing a science experiment! You should hear us talk about the variants!

Our detailed (expect comedic) experiences with Pond's Flawless White will be uploaded on Pond's Website. :) There, we will tell you how Pond's Flawless White reacted with our skin and how it could be with yours. :)

I do hope that you guys will support us!! :)

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  1. goodluck girls!

  2. valerie joy cabance17/3/11 10:10 AM

    Pond's Flawless White is my favorite amongst Pond's line. Although I haven't tried the Gold yet. But I'm satisfied with Flawless White.

  3. Sounds great! Can't wait to see your guys' Pond's experience! :)

  4. Goodluck sis! ang kyoot ng mga photos ninyong 2 :D

  5. Nice post. So here's a little  beauty advice to help you become the most
    beautiful woman that has  walked this
    earth. Thanks for sharing.


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