SakuraBella Event at Beauty by SM, Makati

SakuraBella was officially launched weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be among the guest of the said event. SM Makati Beauty Section became a springtime in Japan as its decorated with hundreds and thousands of Cherry Blossoms and many men and women walked around in Japanese-inspired fashion.

Sakurabella is a  bath and body products of the Watsons brand that boasts of a cherry blossom scent that is very much popular in our tropical shores. Now it's a lot more affordable for us to smell like springtime! :)

Fabio, the yummy Bra-panese Hotti!
And maybe a Fabio could notice us! :)

What I wouldn't give to be in Kabbie's shoes! or to be her right cheek. Sigh!

Binaca Valerio looking like springtime herself hosted the event. She's got to be on my top list for favorite hosts. She's poised, funny and jolly that everyone pays attention whenever she talks. :) She's full of witty remarks that people can't help but just be impressed. Do you know avidly reads Filipina beauty blogs! Maybe she's reading yours! Sosyal, right?

Kate Torralba, Rissa Mananquil, Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez and Phoemela Beranda graced the event to introduced the winner of designer to did the best japanese-inspired creation.

Of course, there was a contest for those who came in their most fabulous jpanese-inspired attire/costume. Look at the mother and daughter tandem above. They reminded me so much of Mulan. :) Hehehe!

Watsons Marketing Team getting a chance to breathe after such a successful launch.

 Kate Torralba

 Bianca Valerio

loving the Rabbit cocktail ring of Bianca. Cute, noh?

Tracy Dizon and Denise Congco

 Renan, Denise, Dawn and Tracy

Tracy, Vireza, Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters

 Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Style Kit and Forever 21

Denise Congco, Marketing Manager for Watsons

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  1. Speaking of Rissa...I'm just curiously chismosa about this...why is she not a Samson anymore? Hahahahahaha!

  2. annulled na sya has a new fiance si paolo trillo.

  3. Hm. Yun actually gusto ko malaman. Why na-annul. Haha! Chismosa talaga ako. XD

  4. okay I just saw this now. haha. anuberrrr kakahiya!


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