Makeup Feature: Victoria Jackson's Survival Kit

It's already the fourth of 2011!

And I just realized that I forgot to share this cute nifty palette I got from the Rockwell Bazaar in 2009. I haven't even used it save for the blushes. I realized that this will do nicely when I travel. :)

 There are two blushes in the Survival Kit, pink and peach.. :)

10 Eyeshadows, one cool palette and a warm palette. :)

5 lip colors in palette form. I love the colors!!

Applicators.. surprisingly soft. :)

One Eye Pencil and one Lip Pencil

Mascara... I love the mascara because of the small wand.
It can get into the corner lashes effeiciently and can be used to apply mascara on bottom lashes.

Given the fact that I don't travel a lot, I'll be making use of this palette even when I'm home. I can even keep this in my makeup kit for emergency purposes. The eye shadows are well pigmented, the lip palette are in my fave shades while we can't have too many pink and peach blushes. And yeah, who doesn't like small mascaras and lip and eye pencils?

For Php1500, I think I got a good deal. But I do hope they sell this a lot cheaper now.
I'm sorry, dear readers, I'm not sure where we can find this now. :( I don't think they pursued putting it on the Philippine Market. But I do hope you'll get a chance to find a Survival Kit much similar to this one. It's really handy and I think all makeup addicts should have one.. if only to provide more space for clothes than makeup in our suitcase. :)

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  1. Hi Shen! I saw a Victoria Jackson kiosk in Megamall, I just passed it when I came inside from the carpark from Mega A by I think it's around the 3rd floor, Mega A side, along Max's.

  2. super cute palette :D

    love the colors of the eyeshadow

    happy new year dear :D

  3. Let me just wipe off my drool. Waaaaaah!

  4. shen, i saw their stall at the megamall, bldg A. i think same level with the cinema, near Max's resto

  5. I believe you can still find it at SM The Block. (:

  6. I have this kit but I haven't started using it yet. Good to know that the products inside are of decent quality. I'm usually wary of such kits

  7. The colors are pretty. A friend has one too and I used this when she asked for a makeover. Though the eyeshadows are pretty, I don't find the texture and pigmentation that nice at all. And it's not even cheap. :P But the lip colors are really lovely.

  8. hi shen!
    A friend of mine is the distributor if VJ here in the Philippines. If you need more info on this lemme know :)

  9. topphilippines18/2/11 1:32 AM

    I bought

  10. I got this just today at the VJ booth in Robinson's Galleria, for the intro price of PhP 1,599 (I think the regular price is around PhP 4k!). They gave me a lifetime membership/discount card, and let me purchase the mystic eyes eyeshadow palette for only PhP 300. Can't wait to try them all out. Not sure how much the discount card will help me, though, as their prices are, like, 10x my usual make-up. Haha. Probably depends how much I end up liking their make-up, I guess. Did you get a membership card? The booth girls said members are invited to the VJ launch next month.

  11. Wait for the release of their Italian made Illuminating powders - speacially made for Asian skin. =)


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