Haul: Ellana Mineral Blushes (New shades!)

Mineral Blushes are by far my most favorite type of blush! Why? Not only is it affordable (the most I spent was Php300 or $6) but it's very safe for the skin. I really love love love mineral blush. For most days, it's the one I choose to put on. Whether it be doing the grocery, meeting up for drinks with the girls or for work.

Of course 2011 is all about trying new things so I got myself new blushies to play with. Some of you may already know about these blushes and I'm sorry that it took awhile for me to reacquaint myself with Ellana's mineral blushes. But I've rectified that. I was soo eager to play with my new MMU's that I forgot to eat lunch when these babies arrived!

Intimate is a shade of dark plum with sheer gold shimmer. 

Ellana Blush n' Bloom Mineral Powder Blush: Intimate

Ellana Blush n' Bloom Mineral Powder Blush: Bunny

Ellana Blush n' Bloom Mineral Powder Blush: Kitten

Ellana Blush n' Bloom Mineral Powder Blush: Doll

In natural light: Doll | Kitten | Bunny | Intimate

with flash: Doll | Kitten | Bunny | Intimate

Aren't they all so pretty? It's very pigmented that I only have to use so little product to get the shade to show up on my cheeks. It's very light on the skin which I love about mineral makeup. And boy oh boy is it natural looking. I used two of these blushes during the two days stay at Tagaytay and my pictures look so natural especially on the blush part. Most of all, it's real affordable. Each of these blushes cost only Php100 for a 1 gram pot. Love it!

1. To make mineral makeup blushes stay on longer, apply a cream blush on the your cheek before sweeping it off with a blush. The cream blush will act like a base for your main blush and make sure that your blush stays put.
2. Mineral makeup can be messy. With a small cutter (like one used in art crafts), just cut the part of the sticker that would reveal one or two holes of the sifter..
3. To prevent them from spilling, get a cotton pad and cover the sifter. Shape and cut to fit.
4. To avoid contamination, use a separate bowl and not the cover of your mmu. I use a Chinese tea cup, which I find causes less mess than the soup bowls. It's easier to clean, too.

Oh what a love mineral makeups can be! I swear this is an addiction that will never stop. I am over the moon whenever I find myself with new mineral makeups to play with. Who am I kidding, I am over the moon when I have new makeups (mmu or not) to play with!

Have you tried mineral makeup blushes? How'd you find them? Share them through comment box below! Eager to know what you think!

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  1. Wowww love all shades!! Great haul honey:)

  2. Thanks so much for the swatches! The colours look beautiful, Iespecially love the look of kitten!

  3. Those looks super promising! I especially love the look of Kitten and Bunny ^__^
    gonna check out ellanaminerals from now on =)

  4. shen, I went to the site just now but I can't these new shades.. U__U when are they going to be available?

  5. awesome new shades, hehehe kitten, made me think of Stila ☺

  6. I have never tried mineral makeup before. :-/ Kitten looks beautiful though!

  7. you made me wanna order again! haha :D

  8. i love the DOLL! so good for my skin. we have the same color Shen - Hazelnut or French Vanilla. Keep ut the feedbacks!

  9. sheila.versoza16/8/11 4:22 PM

    I love Ellana Minerals blushes!  I have Doll, Bliss (now discontinued), Bunny & Fulfillment. My favorite ever is Fulfilment. From your swatches, Bunny is so pretty! I might get myself one.

  10. sis, try their cream blush.
    It last longer and more natural just hard to blend, I had to buy a round brush for it.
    but looks natural when blended.

  11. where can i get this?


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