Product Feature: Fanny Serrano Blush in Gold Peach

Oh makeup love. How will I ever get over you. And would I ever want to?

Nah.. I don't think so.

I've found another good find and it's like a sister to the ever so popular NARS Orgasm. I said sister, not a dupe. :) Fanny Serrano's  blush in Gold Peach is well, on the peachy side with golden shimmers that just gives that wonderful dewy glow sooo in this coming summer. Actually, I don't mind sporting this even on the cold months since, heck, we live a tropical country. It's just too fasyon, really.

Remember that peach blushes compliment Asian skin tones especially those with golden and yellowish undertone. Also, note that our skin's acidity can change depending on its level so some shade may appear darker on some skin tones. So, nothing is exactly how you see it palettes.

What I notice about the packaging it how Chanel-like it is with its curved sides. How nice, right?

And I do like the quilt embossing of the blush. It's soooo pretty!!

Gold Peach Blush by Fanny Serrano

Swatch time! :) I don't think I have a shade similar with this Gold Peach but it looks like Ellana's Doll Mineral Blush, but I have yet to see it in person. :)

I can see myself using this when I go to Bohol this summer. Gold Peach just blends like second skin and it gives me that summer-like glow. Even with oily skin, the shimmer didn't really bother me that much. It goes on a bit satin on the skin so I have to be careful with applying or I'll look like a china doll. I use my trusty Charm Duo-Fibre Brush to apply this blush or any blush that has shimmer on it at that.

I've been no too picky when it comes to makeup... but I admit that when it comes to the local brand, I am wary with choosing to buy anything from them. But thank God to beauty blogging and to bloggers who test out our local cosmetic brands, I am now a bit more adventurous in trying our local brands. And certainly, Fanny Serrano is on the top list of the must-try Filipino cosmetic products.

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  1. Wow Bohol! Been there twice last year, super fab ng lugar! If you need a tour guide, I can send you the details of my contact. I'm sure you'll love it. Though, swimming in the beach is not as fab as Bora. Enjoy Shen! :)

  2. i read your review and wha-lah! i bought it today! i already have ellana's blush in doll. doll appears to be pinkier. if you put them side by side, gold peach looks na like brown (sorry i'm not good in describing colors.)
    both gives a natural glow!

  3. hi Shen is it long wearing? been eyeing this for quite sometime..


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