YumYum: Cebu's Zubuchon (OMG! You gotta see this!)

Before everything else, I would like to thank Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu for giving me a chance to finally get a taste of the famous Zubuchon!

I'm not really a food connoisseur, I'm actually very picky with my food and I'm a bane to a chef's existence. Except when his specialty is good meaty pork with lots and lots of "balat". As a matter of fact, I'm not a lechon eater... I just like the crunchy crackling skin.

They all tell me that Zubuchon is different and that its going to be something I aught not to miss... True to their promises, it was sooooo damn good!  Zubuchon lechon is by far the best roast pig I have ever tasted. I didn't even eat any rice with mine! I just ate the lechon, from the lama to balat, without nary a sauce! It was that good... it was kanin and ulam combined.

I'm not surprise Anthony Bourdain called this the best roast pig ever!!

 Tons more so read more!!

The roast pig of Zubuchon is given a strict healthy organic diet and that it is made to undergo a detox diet a week before it is roasted. I think they are not also aged that much to get that right amount skin without too much fat clinging to it. Sorry for all the PETA and animal lovers out there, but I love my pork. I love it to death!

Just look at the exquisite golden succulent pig.... It has my name on! *shen jumps on to the roast pig*

Some of my friends and family are quite a lover of the ear part for its crunchiness. I give them that honor. No likey, ear-y.

My plate of a gazillion cholesterol. :) Yipppeeee! Market Man noticed that I got the bone part, he remarked that that is one tastiest and where the flavor is in the whole pig. Yay for me! :) Was sucking the bones like there's no tomorrow. Yup, I left my pose somewhere in Radisson Blu or on the tour bus. I was dead set in relishing every bite of this organic feast!

Meeting Market Man was such an honor!

The Sinigang na Lechong Baboy undid everyone of us as it was the tastiest sinigang ever (I beg to differ though, my Lola cooks it much better) but since the meat on it was Lechon... I could be persuaded. I would always leave the pork in my sinigang but in this one, I ate the lechon first then downed the soup. Hahaha!

Our rice was served in this cute bamboo leaves container and I must go back again and ask how they made their sinaing. I just didn't like my rice clumpy and sorta looking like mashed potato so I didn't get excited with this one. I like my rice in between wet and dry steaming in a bandeho plate. Especially when a meaty tasty pork is in the equation.

I'm not sure what this is but it looks like Kilawin to me... Saw the tomatoes on it and I didn't mind not trying it. :) Hehehe!

Oh if only I eat these type of veggies, I would... but however engaging the look of this roasted eggplants are, I can't bring myself to get one. My mom would be so happy to see this though. She's loves her veggies and she loves Inihaw na Talong. :)

I do regret not getting even just one Sugpo but I got so distracted with the Lechon and Truffle Lechon! Now everytime I see this picture, I regret it a lot more! My companions during this trip said it was "inihaw" to perfection. Bugger... Note to self: Must try everything.

I brought home with a small tub of Frozen Lechon Sisig and the BF loved it! It only lasted two meals with us. Yep, that's how good it was.

That concludes my Zubuchon adventure! It's super yummy and I do recommend it to everyone especially those Balikbayans who want a true Filipino Food delight.

Readers, have you tried Zubuchon? Are you as addicted to it as I am? What other Cebu lechons have you tried?

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  1. i love the talong, the kilawin, the sinigang, and the lechon!

    merry christmas!

  2. this post has made me really hungry. thank goodness my family always celebrates xmas with lechon hahaha! will be looking forward to it on the 25th.

    thanks for the food porn shen! :)

  3. I normally don't eat pork but the lechons that hail from Cebu are the best. :) My dad always have these shipped off to Manila during parties.

  4. seeing this post.. nagutom ulit ako hehehehe

  5. I am from Cebu but I haven't tried Zubuchon yet. Although, any lechon from here is really, really YUM!

    The rice is called hanging rice, or puso^, in Cebuano. Hanging rice because I think sellers display or hang them in groups. It's the perfect partner for lechon. But like you, I also prefer white and steaming hot rice with my lechon but I'm getting the hang of eating puso^ as well.

    Glad you enjoyed Cebu and our food :)


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