Urban Woman: Your First Makeup Kit (How to start and what to buy)

For many women out there I know there are some out there that are just living with face powder and lip balm... some are even using the travel-size baby powder. Maybe, it's time for upgrade. 

In the beginning, I would always make excuses for just having two makeup products in my vanity and in my makeup bag. Why the hell would I want to put on makeup when I don't even know how to use it? Natural beauty is the best, right?

Stop making excuses! Accept the fact that makeup enhances your feature and reduces your flaws! You'll look a lot better with makeup. Even if you're the prettiest, no pores, no pimples, uber fair girl in the world! And don't go on sour-graping on us who actually could hold an eye pencil. You can, too! :) If you're beauty is natural... I'm sure you've got some natural talents that is beauty-related, too.

That is why I was sooooo excited when I received a letter from Mav, asking me to help her out by recommending what she should get for her first makeup kit!

Hi, Mav!

I'm so happy that you are finally joining the fabulous world of makeup. It really is a wonderful world. Makeup is a vanity but I think of it mainly as confidence booster and worth-watcher. You know, makeup reminds me of my worth... if I can take the time out to apply a nice shade of lipstick, then there is no reason that I can make a fabulous presentation on my project. If my skin so flawless, it's one way to boost myself to finally close a deal for our company. If I'm not worried that my undereyes aren't showing from my lack of sleep, then my people wouldn't think I'm not strong enough to handle them.... Something like that... :)

But buying is not an easy feat. Boy oh boy... it isn't. That's why I want you to read my Guide to Makeup Shopping after reading this post, okay?

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1. Before buying makeup, you have to think first of the things you want to enhance in your facial features.

Do you want to make your eyes pop? your cheeks? or you want to focus on the lips?
This way you can know the focus of your purchase.

Example: I want to lessen my dark undereyes. ---- Then I would initially purchase a bit more expensive product that my budget would allow. After all, it is my main dilemma. Something like that...

2. Research! Research! Research!

Since we've established the focus of our dilemma, we can now research on products that targets it. Beauty bloggers come in handy on this regard because they have more or less an unbiased review of the products that you're looking for. That way, you are 70% sure of the makeup you're about to try.

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3. Take a test!

Reviews are certainly not enough, that's why I said 70%, it's important for you to get a feel of the product and be able to test them. Not everything that works on others will work on you, too. You need to make sure you're skin is okay with it. Don't always rely on others' skintone. :) Asking for help from the seller, if it's a mineral makeup online store, is highly recommended. They are very adept in determining your shade for less makeup booboo's.

4. Budget. What budget?
Always take your budget into consideration. Now that you've researched and tested the products you want, it may not always agree with your money on hand. You can always look for an alternative. But if I were you, save up. You can go a few days without makeup just yet. You've waited this long, you might as well get the makeup you really want.

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5. Take care of your makeup!

Congratulations!! You are now a proud owner of a your very first makeup kit!

But all great things come with responsibilities. Always keep your vanity kit clean. Reason why many girls I've met hated makeup is because they didn't know how to take care of them in the first place. They don't throw out their makeup sponges, they don't wash their brushes, they let others use their makeup and worst, they expose it to bacterias. That's why they get break outs and skin reactions.

Tip: When you have your makeup kit, you MUST also have a Makeup Remover! Don't rely on your facial wash or soap alone. Get a decent makeup remover and lip and eye makeup remover.


And now, the much awaited product recommendations...
Charan!!! :)

My recommendation for your first makeup kit

These are the things that I would want you to consider getting for your makeup kit. :) It's not much but this is a good start. You don't have to exactly buy each brand here... you can opt for a different brand instead. :)

RENOIR Miracle Concealer Pencil for Face & Body 0.08oz1. Concealer

Bobbi Brown is the reason why I consider concealer the number one thing to get when starting your makeup addiction. Concealer immediately livens up the eyes by reducing that dark undereyes. It hides your blemishes and some concealers even help in healing them. For a beginner, stick concealer or a pencil concealer.

The Body Shop Concealer Pencil is very easy to use for blemishes. Get a lighter shade for your undereyes.

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation - Tan2. Face Powder

I'm not adding the liquid foundation to the first makeup kit since liquid and cream foundation is too over whelming for a beginner (even my to my my older friends). Face powder provides enough of a flawless canvass for your other makeup.

Ellana Mineral Foundation in Perfect Blend is the best for oily to normal skin tone. Best about it, is that you can use wet application and it can give the effect of a liquid or cream foundation, too!

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain 01 Rose Pink3. Blush

Blush instantly liven up your face. Be sure to use a natural one before discovering other colors. :)

I recommended the lip and cheek stain because of how buildable the shade depending on your mood or the occassion. You can also apply this with out a need for a brush. It's very handy as well.
The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint has one of the best natural stain I've tried. It also comes in Buy One Take Two promos, so you can save money, too.

Rimmel Jelly Tints Lip Balm 004 Cherry4. A lipbalm/lip color

Choose a shade that you can use day and night. You don't need a number of lipstick when you're just starting out. Gradually, in weeks of exploration you can slowly gravitate to more daring colors. But for now, get something that you know you can use every single day.

Lip Ice Lip Color because it very pigmented and safe enough to use everyday.

Maybelline Hello Kitty Volume Mascara (Limited Edition)5. Mascara

Enhance your peepers by mascara alone and you're good to go. Mascara gives that awake look on your eyes that make appear you had several hours of sleep. Also, this makes sure the person you're talking to will look at you, instead of elsewhere.

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara is very user-friendly. One of the very best mascara for beginners. It's comb-like wand makes applying mascara a  lot easier. I'm adept to using all kinds of mascara and yet, I like to use this so much.

Maybelline Gel Eye Liner - Black6. Gel Liners

I chose gel liners instead of eye pencil or liquid liners because it is easier to apply eyeliner with it. No sharpening needed. No worry of applying to much and hardly no smudging. Dries faster, too.

Maybelline Gel Liner is extremely affordable and it comes with a brush already. This little things last a lot longer, too. You can control on how thick or thin you want your eyeliner by it's brush and how much product you use.

shu uemura Eyelash Curler 1 ea7. Lash Curler

Curled lashes is important if you're to use a mascara. Flat lashes are so unflattering to a whole makeup look. On lazy days, you can just curl lashes and it will surely give that bright look to your face already.

Shu Uemura makes the best lash curler but you can opt for Fanny Serrano at a lesser price but almost the same quality.

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Color Eyeshadow Palette8. Eyeshadow Palette

Choose an eye palette that can transform you from day to night, from natural to smokey. There are so many palettes out there already, I get dizzy just looking at them. You may need a lot of practice with applying eyeshadow. But I can safely assure that you'll get the hang of it. Just watch youtube videos of makeup gurus and you'll be alright. Remeber, Practice!!!

Fanny Serrano Palettes already have four eyeshadows and their palettes usually are from day to night. I can also suggest looking through Dollface cosmetics for more palette choices. I love the neutral palette. Can't get any better than that for a makeup beginner.

Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set,5 Piece9. Makeup Brush Set

If you're serious about having a serious makeup set, you need to invest in quality makeup brush set. This is something I didn't take seriously at first but ended up regretting it. Listen to me on this regard. Brush sets may be expensive but it'll be the first and last thing you'll hold in your makeup kit. Your brushes will be a great help.

Ellana 3-piece makeup brush set is my main recommendation if you're really scared of those other. This one already have a concealer brush, eyeshadow brush and powder brush. Great for beginners.

But if you have the money, go for the Charm Professional Makeup Brush Set. It's a great investment especially if you want to explore other makeup looks.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer .35 fl oz (11 g)10. Eye Primer

A good eye primer maybe expensive but you'll thank for yourself for it if you perfect your smokey eyes or your first rainbow eye makeup look for Halloween. An eye primer keeps your eyeshadows from creasing, making sure you'll enjoy your makeup look a lot longer than usual.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a very good eyeshadow primer and hygenic container. It also makes blending your eyeshadow easier.

I hope I was able to answer your questions, Mav. And to everyone who wants to start your own kit, no need to rush.. Just take your take. Makeup is suppose to be fun and you should enjoy each time you interact with it. :)

If you want me to answer your makeup dilemmas or recommend products that you need, don't hesitate to write using the Contact Shen Tab above.

 For more tips, please read Guide to Makeup Shopping post! Thanks!

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  1. shen, i can't find the 3-piece ellana brush from their website. could you tell me how much it is? my sister wants me to get her a brush set like my ecotools so i'm scouting around for options. thanks! :)

  2. ^_^ I love this post. I've always been frustrated about makeup and what products I should start with. All I need is a primer and some brushes :)

  3. Thanks for the list Shen. I just started using make-up and the one thing that gives me so much problem is applying the liner. I got Maybeline's Gel Liner and I like it a lot. Do you have some tips or tricks on applying eye liners?

    Thanks x

  4. OMG Shen! You are one beautiful Christmas gift to me!! hahaha. I so love this post. I have just recently decided I want to become more conscious about how I look, & to live with more confidence!! That's the reason why I searched for beauty blogs and followed some including yours! i was even inspired to start my own blog (not beauty blog) http://theserengetichaser.blogspot.com/. I am one of these women that are just living with face powder and lip balm as you said. I dont know how to apply make-up! :( A make-up kit is one must-have I have in mind for 2011 and your post is really a big help!! I am eternally grateful! Thanks a lot!!

  5. Shen, thank you very much! This is just what I need:). Now I'm excited to shop around yey!

    I was thinking of getting the True Match foundation, should I put this off the list first? Thank you thank you :D

  6. Ms. Shen great post! :) I would always hoard MU prods, use it for a week, but after that I'm back to using baby powder again. :P I definitely agree with you, I need to stop making excuses, LOL. Have a fab day! All the best! ♥

  7. Love love the post Shenski! =) Very helpful, and expert's advice talaga. I hope I read this earlier in my life, hihi. =)

  8. ohh wow thanks! next in my to-buy list would be an eye primer and makeup brush set! haha :)

    <3 hazel (hazelnot.tumblr.com)

  9. thanks for sharing this.. i am really interested on make up and cosmetics.. and i have recently decided to practice on applying make up and know what should i get.. :)


  10. I have something for you http://mymisbehavedworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/excuses-no-more.html

    Thanks Shen!


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