MAC Cut-a-caper LE Lipstick and Pond's Gold Radiance Effects

I've always thought that I can't ever wear lighter shade of lipstick. I experimented in my early days of being a beauty enthusiast but nothing seems to be that "it" lighter lipstick for me. Everything I tried made me look all washed out and well, looking like the newest member of the Twilight cast. Not very beauty-ish. What is more weird is that I thought that skincare that gives glowing effects will aggravate my very oily skin. On both accounts, I was wrong... I could find that lighter shade of lippie that looks good on me and second, there is glow without the oil involve... :)

Cut-a-caper, in the middle
I knew I wouldn't regret it... but I honestly had apprehensions. I mean, how sure was I that a shade so light and peachy could work on my skintone? I honestly thought it wasn't possible... But! Thanks to my impulsiveness and being easily influenced, now I am enjoying a fabulous coral/peach shade that will have a lot of use during the summer. :)

I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase of MAC Cut-a-caper from their latest collection, The Tartan Tale. I do hope I'd see Cut-a-caper again in upcoming collections because this is really a nice shade for most skintones. I love how it instantly brightens up the look. 

Amazing how a simple lipstick could have an effect on your whole look, right?

Our Skin Needs A Dose of Gold


I've started using *Pond's Gold Radiance sporadically through out the weeks since I've got it and I'm seeing alot of difference in my skin. It's a lot smoother, the lines less "out there", my skin tone is a lot more even... overall, my skin is just improving. You all know I don't edit my photos and when I saw my skin here (this was prior to my Obagi facial), I just realize how fabulous it looked.

Mind you, I was just using a mineral foundation powder and have not used any of my photogenic liquid foundation since it was an outside event. I just love how my skin feels with the Pond's Gold Radiance. I'm currently using the *Pond's Gold Radiance Radiance Revealed Facial Foam and *Pond's Gold Radiance Precious Youth Serum from the collection that it looks like it's paying off, now?

Now, I am still using them along side my Obagi Clenziderm collection and La Mer The Eye Balm Intense and it seems to be working as a fabulous night treatment! :)

I really think that when we start staying up late and having stress from work and life, we should start thinking of using an anti-aging treatment. It's such a job becoming a woman sometimes in this world with the many hats to put... it's really time we indulge in something more lavish... a dose of Gold Radiance by Pond's is what I recommend! :)

No surprise here, I used my Urban Decay Book of Shadows palettes. :) I just love how it instantly brighten my eyes and and choosing the colors is not so difficult. Everything goes together. I decided to go on the neutral since my oversize tee was already a bright shade of coral, same as my lipstick.

Tips when wearing lighter shade of lipstick:

1. Exfoliate lips with an old or baby toothbrush or a lip scrub to remove deadskin and to even out the texture of your lips. (I prefer using the hotel toothbrush, it's not to hard nor too "used")
2. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm prior to applying any makeup on. This gives time for the lip balm to seep onto your lips and prep it.
3. Blot excess lip balm with a soft facial tissue.
4. If it's your first time to use a brighter lighter lip shade, use a lip brush and start from the inside of middle part of your lips and work your way out. Lip brush makes sure that your lipstick application is a lot more even.
5. Blot your lips once.
6. Apply your another layer again.
7. This is optional, but you can top your lipstick with a gloss for a bit of shine.

Love yourself

Great looking skin is apparently achievable. A feat I thought was a lost cause. But most importantly, it's not only the products that would cause for my skin to look soft and supple... it's me loving life, deflecting the negative vibes and just being happy. I've started to disallow anyone from affecting me in ways that keep up late at night. I've learned to chanel a lot of possitivity in myself. To be grateful for the things I have. It may be the spirit of Christmas that is making me like this... but lately, I'm a lot happier and my smile comes a lot easier.. Maybe it's a part of some healing of sorts but I am happy.

Thanks for always being there... you're a great big chunk of what keeps me smiling more everyday. :)

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  1. I love tht shade! Now i think i need to go get it...was trying to look for a nude lipstick at MAC the other day but it took too long and I just din have the


  2. Wow, super gorgeous lipstick!


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