A Child's Glee in Woman's Vanity, A Shu Umuera X Aya Takano Story

It seems that my childhood has yet to leave my 27 year old body since I'm still fascinated by anything pink and whimsical. I am not amashed to embrace the little girl in me simply because I think it keeps me young. I enjoy this small bursts of excitement and if it comes in a form of a makeup, then they are more than welcome. Imagine your childhood cravings being sated as well as your needs for vanity as woman... Sheer heaven and a gift worth wrapping and slowly unwrapping for yourself.. :)

Godsend this year has been to me as I've received countless blessing in the form of new friends, new experiences and since I am human and I love earthly things, new material things as well.

Shu Uemura Aya Takano was unexpected surprise that came to me one event when I was handed this cute pink box tied with a pinkier pink bow with my name and blogsite on the lower right corner... I eagerly unwrapped it and saw the wonderful things inside. I could swear the the tissue covering the coveted things seemed like forever for the excited...

Alas, an early joy of Christmas as I saw these three whimsy products underneath. :)

Really, who could ever resist these beauties? I surely can't... :)

Having known that makeup have perilous side to them, keeping a Shu Uemura Skin Purifier trips my face with the unwanted cosmetic residue that could clog my pores and cause unwanted skin blemishes. I never take a bath nor go to sleep without properly cleaning my face and Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils, I've proven to be tough on makeup and gentle to my skin.

I've always wanted a pony... but I guess I could settle with the drawings of Aya Takano of a girl dressed in frills riding her own very horse. Doesn't she look sublime? Sigh...


Lip Duo Tint and Love in Love Apricot reminds me of my MAC Cut-a-caper but this is much gentler on the lips... the gloss gives a pretty alluring effect and I just love how it makes my whole face look... well, younger.. :)

I am certainly ready for summer with Love Apricot... :)


Sparkly Purple is takes my eye makeup to a festive turn as its gold specks reveal a more glittery effect to my whole look... I feel like one of Aya Takano's work of art whenever I use this Shu Uemura Paint Crayon.. :)


But the best of all, was when my childhood was again awaken when a very good friend gave me a Shu Uemura X Aya Takano Blush Tint in Miracle Cherry. It's been on my Christmas Wishlist and she has found a way to give one to me... Thank you thank you thank you so much... :)

I received this gift early morning with my eyes still half closed from sleep, but I as I slowly unwrapped and saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a pink box, my eyes grew wide and my fingers started to work faster!! I couldn't help but shrieked with surprise and gratitude. Thank you, Secret Santa. Thank you for this wonderful gift!! Your friendship is already enough of a gift to last me many Christmases but this one was a nice Miracle Cherry on top. :)

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  1. Wee ang cue ng packaging!

  2. waaa those are amazing :D the lip tint is awesome! i love the color too <3


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