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Let's face it... because it's routine, we hardly give a thought about our teeth. When in fact, it's one of the things that we should pay attention to the most. We brush our teeth twice a day and we go to the denstist twice a year. It's probably high time we have to really take a close look at it...

"I am, Lee Shen Gee, and I neglect my teeth. I've been smoking since I was in high school, have been drinking coffee and soda since grade school. That's more than two decades of really really abusing my pearly whites... that it's not pearly whites any longer."

The fact is, I brush my teeth twice or sometimes, even thrice a day and I never ever go to sleep without brushing my teeth. I also have dental prophylaxis twice a year. I also floss and gargle like a pro. Bu I will never get those fab shiny pearly whites back... unless I waste tons of money on teeth bleaching.

But why do that when a technology will finally find its way into making it more affordable for us to have a smile that we won't be ashamed of?

Since I started beauty blogging, I notice how conscious I am with every inch of my face that I am constantly aware of products that are out on the market. The latest eye cream, cutest palettes, the best contour powder, the pimple-zapping ointment and so forth. But what I didn't notice that there's now a product out there that I can use for something that is bothering me for quite a while... my not-so-white teeth. eeek!

That's why when I got a chance to chat with Michelle Phan over Skype, I was in awe to know that there is an answer to my dilemma. She wanted to share a new discovery of hers that'll make me feel good about myself and it's not make-up or is it skin care. It's the latest from Close Up, Close Up White Now.

I'm now on my second tube of Close Up White Now and have been enjoying the taste and feel of the Blue Covarine Foam. The light reflecting properties of the Blue Covarine Foam is make your teeth whiter and healthier. On top of whitening your teeth, you get 3 hours worth of the appearance of a teeth that is bright.

I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if you see me smiling a lot wider the next time.

Close Up White Now is available at your favorite beauty and grocery store.

much love,

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  1. i planned to buy one yesterday at puregold pavillion binan, but the shelf was empty.. haizt..

    hugs and kisses

  2. I use this and I am happy to say it really works :)

  3. after reading Nikki's review, I immediately grabbed a tube LOL been using this for more than a week and I love it!

  4. This looks promising. I'm looking forward to use it. Hope it works for me! :)

  5. Shen I love your lipstick here ;)

  6. Emmadilemma4/10/11 5:39 PM

    i just bought the closeup white toothpaste and it seems to be working great for me! i find it really amazing because it's the first whitening toothpaste that i feel like it's actually working. :)


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