How I keep my Knees and Elbows Really Clean

We talk about our faces a lot. How we put makeup on it, clean it, treat it and all those sort of things... but do we even give a thought about our elbows and knees or even our other parts of our body?

When I was in gradeschool, my school uniform was short sleeves and I didn't notice how dark my elbows are getting from all the traumas it got from my dirty school (pencil enriched) desk. Also my knees are always getting scraped back then... actually, even now! I'd show you but it's disgusting. lol!

As always, my mom went berserk when she saw it! I guess she wasn't use to seeing marks on me because she really took care that I grow up mark less. Even when I had chickenpox, no marks can be found on me. So she handed me this thin white bottle and told me to use a cotton balls with it and tone my knees and elbows every night before I go to sleep.

And soon, the skin on my knees and elbows improved. In high school I would still get pretty rowdy and get my knees and elbows all yucky but I keep this thin white bottle on my vanity for that purpose. And as I grow more kikay and vain, I would use this on my ankles, neck, insides of the arms, back of the knees, between toes, feet, and groin area.

I could remember my mom say, "Pangit sa babae na maitim ang tuhod at siko. Linisan mo yan. Kadiri." (Ladies who have dark elbows and knees isn't flattering. Clean it. It's disgusting.) And she was right. I would notice girls with the same condition and despite how nice their outfit was and how pretty their face is, dark knees and elbows are indeed unflattering. That's why even know, 12 years later I still follow her instructions.

Wanna know what that thin white bottle is?

Yup! It's Eskinol! What is known to keep your face clean, fair and smooth, I use for the other purposes. :) For cleaner knees and elbows and other parts you wish to address. This is the variant I use now. I love how it has tawas grains that helps with the exfoliating as well.

I do this after shower and facial night regimen. I use a cotton pad and then apply lotion to return moisture to my body lost especially on those part I used Eskinol on as it could get drier.

Grains inside aids in breaking down the dirt!

Results of using Eskinol on my knees, arms, elbows, back of my knees, ankle area and other things.
It's gross, right? It is very very very gross and I do this now once a week and I scrub myself raw twice a week in the shower and still get this when I use Eskinol! Imagine if I don't use any at all.

How about you? How to you keep other parts of your body clean, smooth and soft?

much love,

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  1. SiS!!! Morning! LOL I should switch to E! I am using the Garnier Toner for my elbows and knees! hehehe

  2. Thanks for the tip Shen, will try to do this narin haha I'm neglecting those parts haha! And what are the other parts? haha :)

  3. Very nice! Great post and great read!

  4. i still remember when Vilma Santos was the endorser of eskinol, LOL.

    di ba malagkit?

    thanks for sharing


  5. Bigla akong na-conscious sa elbows and knees ko. Hahaha! Tinanong ko bigla si Alex if my knees and elbows are dark. Haha!

  6. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I tried using whitening creams but got no results. Maybe because I don't consistently apply on my knees and elbows. I should try this. Hope it works! :)

  7. Great idea! I usually use the left over toner on my cotton pads from my face on my elbows and knees.

  8. wow.. thanks for sharing.. i have that eskinol but i dont use this at all.. my mom bought it but i dont like its smell... now i know where i can use it.. hihi..
    i only use kalamansi for my elbows and knees..

  9. Since I have a huge bottle of the Clinique clarifying lotion I use that as well for my elbows and knees. Although collecting dirt in those specific body parts isn't really a big problem here in California. Routine usually showering using dove soap/body wash then using the clinique. Afterwards, since its winter here right now I follow it up with Johnson's body care deep hydrating intense moisture lotion.


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