Haul: Loving Neutrals at Forever 21

This is actually a haul I did from the the past week. Unfortunately I was not able to join in the recent sale of Forever 21. But that's really okay. Though I could have saved more bucks with the 10% off, I still find the recent Forever 21 really has great prices for the nice clothes that they sell. This is now my go-to store for my events, special gatherings or when I simply want something pretty on me.

Here are some of my fave finds. Compared to my previous haulage of clothing, this one is a bit more subdued and a lot less colorful. I gravitated to my love of neutrals and plains.

Sexy one sleeved dress.
This body hugging dress is great for partying. :)

Sexy LDB.
This reminded me of Herve Leger dress but this one is a bit rique.
Love how this accentuates my best features.
Got this for only less than Php500

Print short sleeve dress.
Got this only for less than Php700

White shirt with flower detail. This went well tucked in out my bondage skirts.
Got this for less than Php500

Adding a little oomph to my leggings collection
This was Php669, i think.

Another white shirt that would go well with my bondage skirts and jean shorts.

Getting ready for the cold season.
Unfortunately, coffee is not enough to keep me warm at night.
This one though is a bit sheer.. around Php449.

I love plain white tees. :)

much love,

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  1. i love the first dress.. :D

  2. i love plain white shirts too ^_^

    hugs and kisses

  3. love your haul, especially the first dress and the jazzed up leggings! i should get one... :)

  4. many would want to buy from f21,but not all are near megamall,hope theyl sell online soon...
    buti ka pa =)

  5. the animal print dress looks gorgeous!♥

  6. Great F21 Haul Ms. Shen! I also have the exact 'Print short sleeve dress'! I got it on the previously held SM-3-day-SALE, it's on a regular price but got it less 10% 'coz of my SM Advantage card. =)

  7. The first dress looks fabuolous!

  8. I'm really like the LBDs, they look very simple but chic~


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