Event: Launch of Jewelmer Premier Collection at CAV Wine and Cafe

It's a happy day for me when I received the invite for Jewelmer's exclusive press event at CAV Wine Cafe at Bonifacio High Street! I've always expressed to you how in love I am with pearls and gold. As accessories, I find them to the best in flattering our golden skin tones. I know that it would take a lot f hard work before I will be able to afford anything like this... but do indulge me. Let's all look at Jewelmer's latest Premier Collection.

Jewelmer Premier Collection is considered as an inspiration for the brand's future collection. Much like a stepping stone for the designs that will be made for the new year to come. If that's the case, then I can't wait to see what's in store for us by Jewelmer this coming year 2012.

Rosone Collection inspired by the rosettes that adorned the glass stained windows of the world's grandest's cathedrals.

Lautitia - Efforo and Ostrea Rings are inspired by the blooms of summer and the bed of oyster shells


Biance Valerio hosted this event and introduced to us the beautiful Premier Collections

Biance Valerio in Rhett Eala

The event was also a showcase of Jewelmer's newest creations, diamond studded cocktail rings topped with Jewelmer's famous and flawless golden south sea pearls.


One of the best part of the event was that the guests were given a chance to try the rings as the models walked around the tables and shared the collection with us.

Lautitia -Efforo Ring. Inspired by the petals of the flowers.

Lautitia - Efforo Ring

Rosone Ring

Rosone Ring. One of the biggest ring I've tried from the collection

Lautitia-Ostrea Ring. Inspired by the precious gold-lipped oysters.

Ostrea is my favorite... the most impressive with all the diamond that surround the golden south sea pearls. I heard that this costs similar to how much a car is... Sigh. I wish the Universe will find a way for me to have this ring on my finger forever!

Me with the Ostrea ring.

I truly am in love with this! Maybe soon when I've earned enough, I'll get a chance to gift this to me much like what Samantha did during the first Sex and City Movie. :)


I've been to CAV once before this event and as always I enjoy their masterpieces. This the menu served to us. :) Must try is the Chocolate Souffle Cake with Berries! It's a gastronomic phenomenon!

Yummy right? Our thoughts filled with the beauty of Jewelmer's latest Premier Collection and our tummy with Cav's amazing food, it was a memorable afternoon!

Thanks to Jewelmer, CAV and Yehey! for inviting me. Always a pleasure to see you!

much love,

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