Beyond Luxury at Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu City

My recent stay at Asia Pacific's first Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu is one of the highlight of my blogging endeavour. The Yes I Can! Philosophy of the hotel and the definite 100% Guest satisfaction guaranteed is something I've always wanted to experience. I am sincerely tired of being looked up and down by hotel personnel as if I can't afford to pay a night's worth stay in their hotel... in Radisson Blu. It was surely a different ball game.

But let me talk about the facilities first as this 3-part post on Radisson blu should be made slowly as not to overwhelm you, fabulous readers. Because I was, I tell you!

Let me first tell you that this was the first time I visited Cebu city. Sad, right? I know. But upon landing in the Queen City of the South... there was already a sense of calm that wafted all over me but at the same time everything seemed so familiar. Why did it take me this long to see Cebu?

Imagine my surprise that in about less than 10 or 15 minutes from Mactan International Airport, I already saw the Radisson Blu. God save me, I was ready to stretch my legs! I have an undiagnosed ADHD that needed me to move around if not lounge in a soft plush bed. Imagine also my surprise when I saw SM Cebu at the back of the newly built Radisson Blu Hotel! The shopaholic in me became quite giddy.

Radisson Blu Hotel is one of best hotels I've stayed in, in my entire life (note that I'm not hotel savvy). But for a new connoisseur like me, I am impressed by how tastefully done this hotel is. Learning that it was inspired by the elements of local Cebu like its woodwork, carvings and the mother of Pearl... well, I'm not really an expert, but the place is breathtaking.... The clean, open-space feel of the hotel from the outside and the inside was a great relief from the usual busy feel of the hotels I've been to.

What's best, it's the huge lobby that takes in the morning light beautifully. Imagine a fabulous Facebook profile picture here! Really! You’ll look photogenic! Make sure to take your picture before heading off to the buffet for lunch. The lights are so forgiving during the evening that it provided me with flawless photographs of the people I met during the trip, even with the flash used! There is nothing like a place that results in fabulous photos when vacationing. We want to capture that special moment after all, here you’ll probably have tons.

At the back of the hotel, I was surprise with how open the space was again. Coming from the highway, you'd hardly think there is enough space for all of this! I could imagine my wedding (if I have the budget) being held by the bar at the pool. There's probably enough space here for about 100 or so guests. Probably even more!

Radisson Blu aims to be the best in providing grand dinner parties, conventions, tradeshows and the likes with their impressive Santa Maria Ballroom and Nina Ballroom, the hotel offer more than your regular ran in the mill hotels. They also state of the art equipment, separate rooms for VIP Guests, Personnel and such for ease of use of those renting out this magnificent location. My event planner friends would love this place, I’m sure.

The newest 5 star hotel in Cebu is positively the best hotel for my generation who needs to be constantly online. The Hotel provided free wi-fi with ease of connection. Although I must warn you that even like here in Manila, free wi-fi can get congested and worst, their internet provider doesn’t conform to the philosophy of the hotel which 100% guest satisfaction guaranteed. Here I was very forgiving because the internet connection was great for the most part of my stay.

They also have available PC’s at the second floor of the hotel for those who need to use it. I don’t imagine people lining up for the use of it though since mobile phones nowadays are wifi capable. Despite the number of guests that stayed at Radisson Blu while I was there, I never saw a person who was on it. Nevertheless, it’s a nice gesture for the hotel to have it. No reason for unanswered email, or un-updated Facebook status and twits.

Fitness is not my cup of tea but the Gym area is worthy of any fitness buff I know. A friend told me that the gym machines in the hotels are the BEST in the whole world. Yes, tv’s on the treadmills and stationary bikes. Locker room is separate so feel there is less traffic inside the gym.

Blue Spa is a maze of relaxation. Again, let me say that I was again deceived with how big this spa is… it seemed to be a never-ending hall of spa rooms that boasts of a massage table, shower and vanity. If I could check in to one of the spa room, I would! The eucalyptus scents that receives you as you enter already clears the city cobwebs from your chi… this is something I would die to experience again.

I do love being pampered, waited upon and smiled at all the time. Especially when I know I’m paying good money for it… Here in Radisson Blu, it’s not really about what you’re paying them… it’s like innate in the staff to be welcoming and accommodating. They make you feel you deserve to be waited on hand and foot.

There is so much grandeur with all the business and leisure amenities that Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu have but it didn’t feel so intimidating. Rather I felt at ease, relaxed and quite peaceful. It is a hotel is the truest meaning of the word.

Despite my wish for a grand life, I seem to always shy away from being treated like a queen… Here though, it’s as if I’m born with a crown. It was easy to live the sweet life in Radisson Blu.

Executive Suite

On upcoming posts I’ll share my thoughts on Feria, the in-house hotel restaurant and buffet and my room, 1012.

Much love,

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  1. I went to Cebu once lang for the whole lifetime! and I stayed in a nice hotel too, but not as nice as this! Thanks for sharing your experience sis! Super kaka-enganyo magvisit ulit! :)

  2. @ Shen - im from cebu and its a shame di pa ako nakapunta dun =(

  3. my friend nga said na this is a really nice hotel with a great staff!

  4. Shen! Can't believe your Cebu trip was short would have loved to meet up! :) Haven't been to Radisson too perhaps soon! :)



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