Bag Addicts, Meet Lancel's "B. Bardot" Collection.

There is something in Brigitte Bardot that has always caused me to wonder. I'm not sure if it's her luscious mouth that makes Angeline Jolie's puckers pale in comparison, her long wavy hair that seem to fall in all the right places or maybe the lilt in her voice and her steps when she danced...

It's a girl crush, I admit. But it is more than that I want to just be like her.. Free-spirited, beautiful and indulging. She has a certain elegance that even when she's barefoot, it doesn't feel awkward at all. I want to know her secret. I want to know how she does it. I want to be as intoxicating as her...

La Maison Lancel's collaboration with Brigitte Bargot to create the bag that would embody her her persona is an iconic drawstring bag that got lots of magic inside it. The tasels, the brocade strap, buckled logo on the side of the bag and the shiny BB logo hanging from the handle.

This is the season's it bag. This bag can go from casual to formal depending on the color you'll choose. I just love that the playful colors of Pink and Mandarina are great for college. While the Black, Smoked Grey and Brown are best fit for the Cosmopolitan woman who needs are her stuff with her day in and day out.

Me, I like the Ivory and the limited Deep Purple shade.

I hope Santa will make feel a little luxury this Christmas... :)

Lancel B. Bardot Bag is available at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

much love,

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Photos are provided by Visions and Expressions and Lancel Philippines

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  1. wow, this is love!

    how much for these babies?

  2. Gosh, hindi ko kinaya ang waistline niya. I'm so envious! :(


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