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I'm currently watching Glee as I write it and I'm getting distracted with Mr. Schu's bare chest and Sam's fab abs!! Ahhhyayayay!!

So okay, here's a post that is very close to my heart. I have to warn you first that the use of these products (especially the Duac Gel) needs an accredited physician's supervision. Yes, please consult your accredited dermatologist first and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the products I will be mentioning. Please do heed this advise, okay? I don't my readers getting hurt in anyway. :)

Duac Gel (Clindamycin (as phosphate) + Benzoyl Peroxide)

Let's focus first on Duac Gel, an infamous product that contains two of the best pimple eradicating ingredients on the face of the planet. LOL! If you've been combating with pimples for a prolong period of time then you are familiar with Clidamycin (as phosphate) and Benzoyl Peroxide. Both are known to effectively heal all kinds of acne, small or cystic ones. Well, imagine if both came together and was made into an oitment. Yes, you have a wonder product in your hands... at least to those who experiences acne.

I will not go into the scientific jargon of the product. I will be providing websites at the bottom of this post for further readings should you be interested to know more information. Let me tell you the effects of this product and why I have Duac Gel consistently on my vanity and travel case for more than two years now.

Duac Gel is very effective! I have tried it in budding acnes, small pimples, pulsing cystic and errupting acne and I still get the same result! It dries up my pimples within 3 to 4 days.!Less if I was able to catch my pimple before its formed and a bit longer for really red super bad acne. Biut It doesn't take weeks for the Duac Gel to speed up my acne's formation and dries it so fast.

I have to warn you though that using this on an area that is not affected with acne may cause drying and skin flaking. Not really a good thing. This product is really for curing acne and should be applied only on the affected areas strictly.

Downside is my skin gets immuned to it after a few times of use especially during those days when I get new acne almost everyday. It's like my face gets use to the product's properties that it refuses to work. And that many people are allergic to the Duac Gel. :(

Also, this is quite expensive at about Php700++ to about Php800. It is also available only in drugstores.

That is why I went on a hunt for a new pimple treatment...

Panoxyl Acne Gel 5% (Benzoyl Peroxide)

I bought the Panoxyl Acne Gel 5% after being advised by a dermatologist to purchase one after I broke out from a treatment. He told me to apply this diligently at night after cleansing the face. I have seen the commercials of this product and I wasn't really impressed. Back then, I have tried many products that claim to zap my acne but to no avail. They were all a failure. That's why I was surprise when my dermatologist recommended this and not some expensive derma products I was used to.

Effects? It's not really a miracle worker but it speeds up the formation of my pimples. It immediately ripens the acne that it when that happens, the next few steps are it drying and flattening. This process normally would take more than two weeks, but with Panoxyl 5%, my acne dries up in less than two weeks. Sometimes it would take only a few days depending on how early I detected my pimple.

I would suggest that you first start with the 2.5% solution before trying the 5% or 10% or depending on how severe your acne situation is. I've heard good things about this product already and have proven its effectiveness but it doesn't hurt to be a bit more caution. We are after all, talking about our pretty faces here.

I spot treatment this at night after I cleansing and toning. This product works well on bare skin so skip your serums, night creams, mositurizer or whitening products on the spot you're to apply the Panoxyl on. Me, I completely skip the my other skin regimens most of the time when my face flares up with cystic acne.

Needless to say, it is still best to consult an accredited physician before trying out any pimple busting products that you read online, see on TV and even those recommended by friends. Specially if your acne are creeping all over your face and other body parts. You may be experiencing an all together different problem.

And I wouldn't be using this products anyway had it not been advised and prescribed by a dermatologist. Also, I also undergone extractions from these dermatologists, that cleansed my face of the puss results from these acne and they remove whiteheads and blackheads that may cause further acne formations.

Be that as it may, I am sharing these to you just in case so you may ask your derma about these products and see if he/she thinks this is a good fit for your acne situation. :)

Aren't you glad that we now have all these options to cure our skin problems? :)
What about you what are you favorite skin saving products? Share them to and comment below. :)

much love,

For more information on Duac Gel, please read online MIMS -- direct link is here. also has information on Duac Gel --- direct link is here.

For more information on Panoxyl 5% Acnegel, please read's information on the said product --- direct link is here.

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  1. been using vmv's superskin 3 and any teatree oil for spot treatment, adapalene too is great!

  2. I tried Panoxyl but didn't help me much although it helped lessen the redness of zits. What I am using now is Sansacne and so far my skin loves it.
    Here's my post about it:

    I also read good reviews about Duac. I will try it if my skin gets immuned to Sansacne. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  3. Hi Shen! I'm using Epiduo one to thrice a week depending if I have pimple breakouts :)It's a mix of Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide. It's really good. Stops the pimple from having its ugly "head" :) Great Post!

  4. jen.. thanks for comment... U really made me smile & happy...

    though u dont see my comments all the time but honestly I always read ur new post.. I just cant relate with some beauty products coz im not into cosmetics.. XD

    but i love ur every post..
    love u more... xoxo


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