Product Review: Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum

No, I'm not gonna talk about a movie theater snack. :)

This post is very much devoted to my favorite lash glue ever. Since I couldn't get my hands on the DUO lash adhesives, I looked for a good alternative. What I didn't know is that I already have it on my dresser. I got the Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum out of a shopping frenzy when I was in Makeup School. I thought to just grab whatever there is for my Avant Garde class. But the sad thing is since I got two more lash adhesive, I wasn't able to use it... Maybe, because it was so small I didn't notice it. Lol! Hehehe!

When Valerie sent me their Glambox Mink Lash, I didn't immediately want to waste the lash adhesive that came with it. I keep those for traveling for easy disposal after. So, I searched my makeup trolley for this cute little bottle.

What I like:
1. So easy to apply
2. No gooey stuff sticking all all over like a mozerella cheese.
3. Very much affordable
4. Does the job really well.
5. Doesn't hurt to remove my lashes even when I'm removing them without makeup remover.
6. Doesn't cause eye irritation.
7. No white residue as it dry in an invisible shiny finish.
8. Brush applicator is very use to use. Provides enough control on how much glue will go to the false lashes
9. Removing glue residue from the lashes is a lot compared to other lash adhesives.

What I don't...
1. The alcohol/chemical-like smell..

See? Looks just like a nail lacquer, right?

Oh and if you like applying beads, sequins for those FOTDs and avant garde look, this won't let you down. :)

much love,

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  1. i haven't tried this, but i really love my DUO and i'm not sure if there's anything better than it. but, i like the applicator of this!

  2. ey thanks for the heads up, spirit gum is great too for costumes that require prosthetics, like klingon masks from star trek.

    i'll definitely check this out ♥

  3. Does Cinema Secret has a store here in manila? =) thanks =) your blog posts i like =)

  4. Fsabitsana15/3/11 3:12 AM

    shen where did you buy this? is it really from watsons? which branch? thanks...


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