Playing with Organic Rituals Nail Polishes (Zoya and Sparituals)

When I visited Organic Rituals two weeks ago, I played around with all the vegan nail polishes they have. I decided to try most of the colors that caught my fancy. Most of them were the Sparitual this time. The colors that OrganicRituals have are dainty and girly. Very apt for every Filipina who loves caring for their nails.

Jet Setter | Solid as a Rock | Must Be Lust | Can You Dig It | Carpe Diem

Hot Blooded | Light Hearted | Moment's Notice | Life of the Party | Thunder Road

Of course, I also played with their Zoya Polishes, too. :)

Amber | Richelle | Jinx| Sloane| Kalista

I intended to use all different nail colors in order to find that one favorite. I didn't it would be that hard though. I super love them all. :)

How I wish I have more than 10 fingernails.. LOL.

much love,

Organic Rituals is located at: MEZZANINE FLOOR ATLANTA CENTRE

Open Monday - Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.

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  1. So fun! you did try so many colors :D i love carpe diem! so pretty and nice on you


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