The Perfect Fit and Looking Fab in it!

Remember that Sex and the City episode when Miranda’s mom died? The part where she was trying to buy a bra and the sales woman was trying to help her and yet she didn't want to. In the end, she gave in and she realized that what the sales lady was correct in assessing her bra size. Not only that that reminded me of my mom but it also made me think of my own bra size. I “grew” pretty quickly and found that my “over”abundance became an embarrassment while growing up. No surprise there that I ended up with the wrong bra size most of the time… And I didn’t even know it.

When watching Oprah one day at cable TV, I learned that there are certain techniques in knowing your right size. And after my short interaction with Wacoal women, I learned how to find that perfect fit. So if you’re like me who usually have extra skin hanging out below their armpits, their breasts hanging lower than it should be, back panel up to their necks and straps falling off all the time then it’s high time to get your measurements taken.

When I learned that I’m size D80 at Wacoal, I almost freaked out. I didn’t want my breast emphasized too much. But when I wore the D80 sized bra, I was shocked by how perfect it fitted me. There was no hanging anything on my skin… I didn’t have “bilbil” around my bust area nor do I get that painful pressing on my underbust area.

I’d be the first one to tell you that I have the less desirable body. I have tummy fat like it’s nobody’s business, stretch marks that can burn anyone’s eyes and my body is not proportionate.. I have small head, big arms, small wrists, big tummy and chicken legs. I know I’m too hard on myself.. but well, those are just stating facts as it is.

I learned that undergarments can give you that silhouette you want. Suck in what whatever that needs to be sucked in, emphasize whatever needs to be emphasized and control whatever needs to be controlled. Had I not been measured by a well-trained person, I wouldn’t have known that I was wearing the wrong size all along. It’s funny how I only get to think of this now when I was re-introduced to it. I would have been walking around extremely uncomfortable and I’d be none wiser.

So you think I’m pulling your leg? Here’s a picture of me wearing the perfect fit Wacoal Lace Collection bra and their High Waist Girdle. I swear I never looked this good. I felt like a pin-up girl which I always wanted to feel. Look at how my tummy and “puson wasn’t showing and how waist looked a lot smaller. And I can’t even say enough how comfortable I was in all of it. My movement wasn’t even affected.

photo credit to fab Jen of

The Wacoal Lace SB3401 is one of the best brassieres I owned. I used not to like lace bra since I think it attracts more attention to my bust area. Now I’m happier that I own one because it makes me feel so sexy and empowered. Funny how a bra can do that to a woman, right?

The Wacoal High Waist Girdle is a great investment. Not only is it more affordable compared to other girdles but it is made with such soft material that comfort is all you feel when wearing it. I love that it really controls my tummy and it provides me with that sort-of pin-up girl look. It accentuated my waist and my tush looking fit and plush. This is really a great buy especially if you have an event and a body-fitting gown or dress.

If there is one non-makeup advise I could give you, it’s to reward yourself with luxurious underwear. It’ll definitely give you that confidence and spunk you need.

To know more about Wacoal and its products, go to their website

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  1. you look great shen! love the dress!
    i have puson and bil2x too =( i want to check out their high waist girdle. how much is it btw?

  2. your legs are stunning!

  3. Woot, best dressed L'oreal lady! :D

  4. I love Wacoal! When I first tried the brand nearly a decade ago, I never bought anything else. They fit well and they last. They also make me feel secure in my undies. :D (Besides, I always imagine how it would be like if I were slain and newspapers would say I wore bad granny panties.)

  5. Love that dress! Too bad I can't find it in F21 anymore. ha ha ha...

  6. how much are both? I'm very much interested. Thanks :)

  7. hi shen,

    would like to know which, in your opinion provides better tummy control - wacoal girdle or Inches Off?

    thanks in advance.


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