Product Review: BareNatural's Amonche Black Soap

I've heard tons of testimonials about the African Black Soap but I didn't think any of it. I've tried a few from here and abroad but didn't become quite a fan. I really can't stand the smell that's why I stopped using it before. But since a lot of people liked it for the benefits, I didn't want to provide a review of it stating that I just didn't like the smell right? So, I was on a look out for other African Black Soaps since I read that African Black Soap differs from what part of Africa it came from. Made me think of our Adobo where the recipe differs from what province it came from. Hehehe!

I digress.

When Lami of BareNaturals introduced me to their commercially-made African Black Soap, called Amonche African Black Soap, I grabbed the opportunity to try it. I like the fact the it is made in a soap factory where n hygiene is practiced. She affirms that it is made naturally, it's just that its molded, shaped and packaged like a typical soap. In other words, made by s big company rather than small enterprises who doesn't have the machinery for mass productions.

Of course, that assured me a bit to try it out.

What I noticed? No grains... the soap wasn't rough on the skin that I can actually use it everyday. Two of the raw african black soaps I've tried have granules in them that using it everyday wasn't a good thing. Especially when I have lots of acne that can be scrapped by the grains or sandy texture.

The smell wasn't so bad although it somehow smelled so earthy. Thank God it's not too strong. The soap lathers really well compared to other raw african black soaps I've tried as well. I like soap-y sundsy soap, you know. :)

What's best? It doesn't melt as fast as other naturally-made soaps I own provided it is stored in dry area. Yes, I like my bath products to last a bit longer. :)

So far, the physical front has quite satisfied me. Now let's go to the experience.

When Lami informed that Amonche is also a good makeup remover, I purposely didn't remove my foundation with a traditional makeup removers. It passed the test with flying colors because I got the same results on my toner as when I use a makeup remover. Oh, I wash my face twice during my evening baths.

Does it deliver what is promises? What are the promises anyway?

Base on my readings, African Black Soaps are great for damaged skin suffering from eczema, allergies, acne, rashes, blemishes. It is also good for those with oily skin type. Hello, that's sooo me!! :)

From my initial use, I noticed that my skin felt drier and smoother after washing. I was even tempted of skipping my toner and go on to apply my moisturizer. But only the OC in me stopped me from doing that. I had to make sure all the makeup was removed. On days I don't wear liquid foundation or too much makeup, I do skip the toner at night and just apply my moisturizer and eye cream.

As for pimples, results do vary. If the pimple acne is really out and about, I noticed that drying time is faster but not so significant that I would call it a miracle soap. For small pimples, drying and healing time is faster. I can compare it to an ance soap I'm using from a skin clinic. They almost have the same effect.

Facial redness substantially lessened every morning and after scrubbing my face with a different face scrub. I love that it has mattifying effect.

As for the whitening... I haven't noticed a vavavoom effect but at least some of my dark spots have lightened and my skin doesn't look uneven.

Oh! I've read that some African Black Soaps could sting the skin when left too long on the face. I have not experienced that with Amonche African Black Soap, thankfully. :) But my previous experience with other black african soaps haven't caused stinging effect on my face either. We could safely say that that is a "face to face" basis. Hehehe!

1. For those who wishes to skip toners in their morning regimen
2. For those who wants a mattifying effect in their soaps.
3. For those who wishes a soap that double as a makeup remover
4. Those who wishes to lessen redness around the nose, cheeks and chin.
5. Those who wish to maintain their good skin.
6. Since it's made from natural ingredients, this is great for those who are on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
7. Those who wish to lighten their freckles, dark spots and other skin blemishes.
8. For those is just tired of typical facial soaps available in the market.

So if you're brave as me in trying new products available to us. Head on to the BareNaturals website and order yourself the Amonche African Black Soap and see if it'll give your skin a natural healthy rejuvenation.

much love,

Amonche African Black Soap is available online at BareNaturals webiste for Php248 per bar.

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  1. OMG Shen, this sounds like the perfect soap for me. Thanks for the review. I think I've heard of something like this before. I'm gonna tell a family member to get me some lol.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. My nieces' definition of having fun is being on their laptop, watching tv and stuff. We had better childhood i must say lol.

  2. Hi Shen! How long have you been using the soap? I want to try it but I'm a bit scared since my skin can be sensitive with new products.

  3. @smarla, i was using this for nearly a month.. :) lami suggest a skin patch test. I think she sells this soap for only 100+ in less than 500grams. :)

  4. Thank you so much Shen! :)


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