Event: Ice Watch Launch in the Philippines at C3 Events Place

Ice Watch Event happened on a rainy evening but that didn't stop many of the press and the bloggers to attend the event to see the

Please see the photos of the watches I was able to see at the event. I'm personally not into sporty watches but I'm lemming for the Gold Rose Ice watches. It screams Shen like crazy!

I hope Birthday Santa can get me this for my birthday. Le sigh!!

TV Host/Actor/UNO EIC RJ Ledesma hosted this event.
He looks so dashing!!

tried not to drool much with hunky models! yum!!

He's my crush!!

All the way from Belgium! :)

Toast to the launch of ICE Watch in the Philippines!!

We got a chance to bid on watches that are worth Php11,000. But some just got it for Php6,000.
What a deal right??

Super girly and tons of colors to choose from watches!

I am in love with this one! White is just the best!

Ohhh!! I like this, too!!

No idea what to get dads, hubby's, bros and bf's this Christmas.
What do think of this?

For you or your favorite sister!

How about Mom? I'm sure my mom would have loved this.

Of course, this was also a rare time for us to see other bloggers.
Jheng, Nikki, Keith, Me and Jane

Aww!! Together again!! Phoebe's mom was the proxy but that's in another pic. :(
Sophie, Jheng, me and Nikki

Beautiful Alex in vintage-inspired outfit. LOVE!!

With RJ Ledesma. O di vah??

Jheng with RJ Ledesma. Bagay noh??

Mark and Pretty Sophie!

Row was also present! Love this girl!

Partners in crime, Rowena and Michelle

Hubby of Franny and Franny. Sweet!!

Fashionista sisters Alex and Bea! Fab 2x!!

Food were catered by C2 Restaurant. Love love their food!

Thanks to Abby for inviting to this launch. I'm now an offical Ice Watch addict!!

much love,

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  1. I am in love the white Ice-Watch too! Bagay mo sistah! :) See you again! it was indeed one rainy event day!

  2. Thanks for the photo haha, pa-grab na lang. I usually don't have photos of myself in events.

    Bagay sa iyo yun Stone Sili Collection hehe. Paging Ron... :D

  3. hi shen! i was wondering what brand is your blazer? i am sooooo looking for one like that, to no avail. I hope you don't mind me asking =)

  4. love, love your outfit Shen and gosh, those watches are super pretty!

  5. Shen
    Miss you, girl!
    Pa grab ng pic namin ah ; )

  6. Hi Shen!

    I like your photo with RJ Ledesma. I wish mine was as cute.

    Can I grab some of the photos sweetie? :)



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